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Germany’s Most Popular Holiday Destinations, According To Google

As we look ahead to planning our holidays in 2022, Premier Inn has researched travel-related search terms from 593 cities and towns in Germany since 2018, and compared this to each location’s land size to reveal the most popular ‘hidden gem’ holiday destinations in the country.

The study revealed that historical salt manufacturing town Luneburg was the most popular destination in Germany amongst travellers, receiving 28.1 searches per km² every month. Located in northern Germany, the medieval old town boasts beautiful red brick Gothic-style buildings, perfect for a picturesque stroll.

Following Luneburg in second position was riverside town Heidelberg, with 18.7 searches per km². Making up the top five most popular German holiday destinations were Bavarian capital city Munich, with 17.5 average monthly searches per km², Stuttgart with 14.5 searches per km² and Hamburg with 13.7 searches per km².

Capital city Berlin narrowly misses out on a spot in the top ten, ranking as the 14th most popular holiday destination, with 8 searches for each square kilometre of its 891 km² total land.

Top 10 most popular holiday destinations in Germany

 RankCity/TownSearches Per Km²

A full breakdown of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany can be found at: https://www.premierinn.com/de/de/sleepblog/die-top-25-destinationen-in-deutschland.html