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Ha’ Restaurant at Hotel Xcaret Mexico Earns Prestigious Michelin Star

Xcaret is pleased to announce that Ha’, the renowned restaurant helmed by chefs Carlos Gaytán and Cristian Castillo Sánchez, has been awarded a prestigious Michelin Star for 2024. This recognition not only marks a significant milestone in the history of Mexican gastronomy but also establishes Ha’ as the first restaurant in Xcaret to receive such a distinguished honor. The coveted recognition further reinforces the legacy of culinary excellence that Grupo Xcaret has been forging with its revolutionary culinary offerings.

“On behalf of the entire Ha’ team, we are filled with immense joy and gratitude for the great honor of receiving a Michelin Star. This accolade is a testament to over seven years of unwavering dedication and collaboration with our local suppliers, collaborators, and gastronomic collective. This achievement not only celebrates the tireless effort and devotion we pour into our cuisine, but also our passion for each ingredient, prioritizing quality and sustainability, fundamental values that characterize Grupo Xcaret,” expressed Carlos Gaytán, chef of Ha’ restaurant. His distinction as the first Mexican chef to be awarded a Michelin Star both domestically and internationally is a momentous occasion and comes on the heels of the grand opening of his three Mexican dining concepts at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California which took place earlier in May.

Chef Gaytán emphasized the team’s dedication to culinary excellence and their adeptness in capturing the essence of Mexican cuisine in each dish. He also acknowledged Grupo Xcaret for promoting spaces that celebrate Mexico’s rich culinary heritage. “This recognition fills us with pride and serves as a catalyst to further elevate the standards of Mexican gastronomy, all while championing sustainable practices and supporting the local community. We are excited for the journey ahead and confident that, together, we will continue to create exceptional gastronomic experiences that will captivate our patrons, always maintaining our pledge to excellence and innovation,” he said.

Nestled in the heart of Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Ha’ stands out for its intimate yet cosmopolitan atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop to savor Mexican cuisine infused with Gaytán’s unmistakable flair. The restaurant, named after the Maya word for water, is open to the public by reservation through Open Table. It offers a sumptuous nine-course tasting menu that explores the richness of Mexican flavors, textures, and aromas, with each dish serving as a culinary masterpiece complemented by a curated selection of predominantly Mexican wines. 

In addition to this distinction, the Rivera Río brothers from Lumbre and Centli restaurants at La Casa de la Playa and Jonathan Gómez Luna, from Chino Poblano restaurant at Hotel Xcaret Arte, have also been honored with the prestigious Michelin Star. As prominent members of Xcaret’s Gastronomic Collective, this accolade further enhances their standing among Mexico’s culinary luminaries. Their inclusion not only celebrates their individual achievements but also elevates the profile of the collective, underscoring their dedication to culinary excellence and innovation.

Grupo Xcaret continues to solidify its position as the preeminent hub of haute Mexican cuisine in the region, boasting a cadre of celebrity chefs, including Michelin Star recipients such as Carlos Gaytán, who enrich the visitor experience with an unparalleled culinary offering.

The Michelin Guide’s recognition underscores the stringent criteria that encompass everything from the quality of the ingredients to the harmony of flavors and the mastery of culinary techniques. It also reflects Chef Gaytán’s distinct personality and culinary vision in each dish, ensuring a consistently exceptional dining experience with every visit.

The news of the Michelin Guide’s inaugural visit to Mexico in early 2023 took the culinary world by storm. This year’s ceremony, held at Mexico City’s cultural gem El Cantoral, marks a historic moment as the prestigious Michelin Stars are awarded on Mexican soil for the first time.

Xcaret extends a heartfelt gratitude to the Michelin Guide for this recognition and to our patrons for their loyalty and enthusiasm. Xcaret remains committed to elevating the culinary journey and upholding excellence in every dish served.