Joanna Wolak remembers her first visit to Hajdúszoboszló.
Instagran: @joannawolak

“I first went there on holiday with my parents when I was six years old. The second time I visited was this year, nearly thirty years after, also with my parents. From what I remember of it as a child, the place didn’t change much, same vibe, same food, same crowd. It didn’t age either, it’s somewhat outside of time. I have changed surely, I’m not a child anymore. Thought walking around with my dad this time, he was buying me watermelons, a swimming suit, a hat, just as when I was a kid. Maybe some things just don’t change.”

About Hajdúszoboszló 
Hajdúszoboszló is a town in eastern Hungary, known for its thermal waters. In the center, its huge spa complex features heated indoor baths with medicinal properties, a massive open-air pool and an Aquapark with water slides.


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