When travelers talk about the destinations that they dream of visiting, many are not aware of the hidden treasures that can be found across the continent of Africa. When people do speak of this continent, they commonly talk about Egypt and South Africa. In reality, some of the most amazing destinations on the planet are located in the heart of Africa. If you are looking for a wild and rural adventure, Africa may be the perfect destination for you. In this article, we will share a few african experiences you must have during your lifetime.

1. Tanzania Safari

Throughout valleys and plains, there are many safaris that take place across the globe on an annual basis. The quality of a safari depends on the animals that are active, the practices of the facility, and the location of the adventure. In a Tanzania safari, tourists have the opportunity to see wildlife on display and in action. From alligators to gorillas to lions, this country offers safari experiences that showcase animals in their natural habitat. This rural opportunity can be had throughout the entire country of Tanzania. These safari adventures are incredible itinerary options for people who are passionate about nature and wildlife.

2. Exploring Boali

In the Central African Republic nearby the small city of Cameroon, there lies an area called Boali. On the Mbali River, Boali has an immaculate waterfall. With powerful waters cascading from the heights, this scenic point is jaw-dropping. Not only is it beautiful, it is used to power the industrial developments in many villages. This lush waterfall is surrounded by dense trees that are massive and full. If you are looking to walk around while soaking in an incredible view, venture to the Boali area.

3. Rafting in Lobaye

If you are an individual that likes to experience local culture and flair, you may consider exploring Lobaye. With a long and winding river, this area is dotted with traditional tribes and remote villages. In these communities, there is no advanced development. The Lobaye River is over 300 miles long. Travelers can secure a raft or canoe and enter into the river at a specified access point. During your rafting journey, you will likely pass many local community members that are traveling or bathing along the river.

4. Venturing Around Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is an immaculate lake that is a source of the Nile River. Located in Uganda, there are experiences that everyone can enjoy across this body of water. Unfortunately, the lake is filled with bacteria that makes it dangerous for swimming. Although you cannot swim, you can fish and boat in the water. Around the lake, there are places to hike, camp, and explore wildlife. If you are looking to experience one of the most incredible bodies of water on the earth, make your way to Jinja, Uganda to see this enormous lake.


Africa is dotted with unique opportunities to experience local culture and vast beauty. Across the continent, there are dozens of different tribes that still complete traditional practices. In addition, there are untouched areas of beauty that have not been developed or monetized. This rural and cultural dynamic allows Africa to provide an incredible experience to its visitors.


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