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Hidden Fun Activities You Can Do At Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest originated in 1810 and has since evolved into the world’s largest beer festival. This grand event spans 16 to 18 days, beginning in late September and concluding on the first weekend of October. This, however, is not merely a celebration of drinking beer and dancing. There are so many more things that can be done at Oktoberfest! You can enjoy the fun rides, visit different beer tents with Munich-famed beers, and taste all Bavarian foods like pretzels and sausages. It’s also an excellent opportunity to dress up in traditional German clothes, i.e. men Lederhosen and Dirndls. Enjoy the traditional spirit of the festival that can make your visit super fun and give you a fantastic look into German culture.

14 Things To Do At Oktoberfest To Have More Fun

A visit to Oktoberfest in Munich is a trip full of tradition, cultural experience, and pure fun. Make sure you do the following when attending this world-known festival:

  1. Attend the Opening Parade

The festival starts with a colorful opening parade. You get a chance to watch the floats, listen to the brass bands, and observe how the Münchner Kindl strides at the forefront. The parade is your first taste of Bavarian culture, and it sets the pace for the festivities to come. The opening parade is also known as the Costume and Riflemen’s parade. The parade was organized from 1950 to 2019 and resumed in 2022 again. 

  1. Go Through The Beer Tents

The showpiece of Oktoberfest is the beer tents, where lifelong friendships develop over steins of golden brew.  There are almost 17 large and 21 small tents at the Oktoberfest and the Oide Wiesn. The large beer tents cater to different preferences, whereas the smaller beer tents offer a cozy and family-friendly environment with limited seats. 

Each tent has its own specialty; for example, the Augustiner Festhalle is famous for its beer, which is served right from wooden barrels. Moreover, they’ve got a butcher shop to serve, so you know the meat is fresh. The other tent Heinz Wurst-und Huehnerbraterei, serves delicious sausages and rotisserie chicken. It’s a “Family-Friendly Oasis” within Oktoberfest. The other tent, Goldener Hahn, creates an amazing, sophisticated, charming environment enriched with family-run hospitality.

  1. Try Traditional Bavarian Food

The Oktoberfest experience would only be completed with culinary specialties from Bavaria. The special mention at the festival is the unique dishes  like: 

  • Hendl (roasted chicken), 
  • Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle),
  • Breen (pretzels), among other specialties. 

With their distinctive taste and flavor, the dishes align beside the beer to give that pleasant taste from the traditional region.

  1. Ride the Ferris Wheel

The giant Ferris wheel has beautiful views over the festival grounds and the city. The impressively bright giant Ferris wheel at night offers a moment of tranquility high above the hustle of the festival to look down at the sprawling Oktoberfest site against the night sky.

  1. Join a Sing-Along

Oktoberfest is famous for its lively music, with bands playing traditional and modern songs. Everyone sings along together, creating a special moment where people from different places feel connected through music and fun. Join a sing-along and cherish the vibe.

  1. Watch Traditional Bavarian Dances

The festival is woven from performances of traditional Bavarian dances, showing cultural heritage. Such dances are full of life and color, bringing history and tradition from Bavaria, so it is a fun and educational show for each family member.

  1. Dress in Traditional Bavarian Attire

Feel free to join local tradition by dressing in Bavarian lederhosen, Bundhosen or Dirndl. Dressing traditionally in such attire will not only add to your own experience but will also give respect to that Bavarian culture, making you gel well with the festive atmosphere.

  1. Visit the Oide Wiesn

For an authentic, modestly scaled experience, the Oide Wiesn is a place that should be gone. It is located on the southern part of the Theresienwiese and is a very special piece of the Oktoberfest. It gives a truly insightful experience of the real Bavarian customs and traditions.

  1. Collect Souvenirs

Take part in Oktoberfest and buy a souvenir for yourself. From traditional beer mugs to gingerbread hearts and an array of other festival memorabilia, they can be bought to remember the world-known festival for quite a while.

  1. Witness the Riflemen’s Parade

The highlight of the first Sunday of the Oktoberfest is the Trachten- und Schützenzug (Traditional Costume and Riflemen’s Parade). The considerable parade has members from various regions coming together to show costumes out of history along with bands and riflemen, underlining Bavaria’s centuries-old tradition and culture. This is a colorful tribute to the heritage of Bavaria, with some brilliant opportunities to see folk costumes and tradition in action, which no culture can afford to miss.

  1. Enjoy the Böllerschießen (Cannon Firing)

The Böllerschießen is a traditional cannon firing ceremony before the monumental Bavaria statue. The event features the use of hand-held cannons. It is a tribute to the Bavarian shooting tradition, born in times long past and perfected for creating a booming sound filling the air and the festival atmosphere. 

  1.  Visit the Bavaria Statue

The Bavaria statue overlooks the site at Theresienwiese, over the edge of Munich. One can even take a look inside the statue, and there is a spiral staircase that leads up to the head of Bavaria. It is where you can have a unique view of the Theresienwiese and the adjacent neighborhoods. It has an impressive height of 18 meters. The statue is also known as the patroness of the Bavarian state. Since the classical period, this monument has been the first colossal statue to be made of bronze.

  1.  Attend a Church Service

Usually filled with festive music and cheer, a tent underlines the whole event, and a peaceful church service ensues at 9 am every first Sunday. It is a time of tranquility and communal worship amidst the revelry for all festival workers, participants in period costumes, and visitors. You may visit the church service that highlights the festival’s true spirit.

  1. Participate in Traditional Bavarian Games

The festival also offers traditional Bavarian games and competitions like stone lifting (Steinheben), finger wrestling (Fingerhakeln), and log sawing. Besides being fun, this will give one the feel of the high-spirited competitive edge in Bavaria. Both the participants and viewers experience fun.


Well, what started as the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich today has turned into something much more than a giant fest full of beer; instead, it is a plunge into Bavarian culture, featuring parades in multi-color, traditional music and all sorts of fun games. That means the beer tents, local foods, and the Ferris wheel are just a superficial touch of what you will see and feel. It’s also a chance to enjoy dressing in traditional German clothes, learn about old Bavarian traditions at the Oide Wiesn, and even attend a quiet church service right in the middle of the fest.