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Hong Kong’s iconic ‘Avenue of Stars’ reopens

Hong Kong’s iconic, Avenue of Stars (AOS) has reopened following three years of redevelopment. 

The new design offers a revitalised urban space which entices visitors to experience the vibrancy of one of Hong Kong’s busiest areas.

Funded by New World Development’s AOS Management Company Limited, AOS was offically reopened on 31 January 2019 and features the work of renowned New York High Line architect James Corner.

The 457-metre-long promenade first opened in 1982 and was modelled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was also the first outdoor space in China to receive SITES Gold accreditation.

The area continues to offer spectacular views of the skyline and Victoria Harbour, and new highlights include:

  • 117 handprints of famous actors – visitors can scan QR codes to access biographies and clips from their films. They can also take photos with the statues using augmented reality technology
  • The kiosk and mobile carts feature local brands, including Mei Lok Store, Ho Cha, POS Talk and Tiny. Exclusive limited-edition AOS products and Bruce Lee souvenirs are also available
  • This is the first pilot site in Hong Kong to generate electricity by wave engery (see images)
  • Sustainable materials used include: a durable bio-based wood substitute for the handrails and seats; recycled glass, which makes up 30% of the flooring; and light-coloured paving materials to reflect more sunlight and reduce the heat
  • Multifunctional LED lampposts provide lighting, WiFi and mobile signals, security cameras, speakers and power supplies
  • A lighting system is also concealed inside the cladding, which illuminates the water flowing beneath the pedestrian deck after dark


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