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How to better protect your eyes during winter trips

Photo by Ari He

Winter, for some people, is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. For sure summer is great for traveling around the world and meeting amazing destinations, but winter is always a good opportunity for traveling and enjoying the Christmas decorations as well as the snowy scene.    

Of course, before visiting a new winter destination, it’s very important to prepare yourself properly in order to enjoy the trip while being comfortable and healthy. First and foremost it is important to pack your bags and be sure that you are provided with everything you need. Moreover, there is one more thing that you must take care of before leaving for your trip; your vision. Actually, sometimes we forget the importance of our eyes, and we neglect to take good care of them, regularly.

Therefore, protecting your eyes while traveling during winter is as important as packing your suitcase. Read below and find out the best ways of protecting your eyes during winter trips.                      

  1. Dry eye symptoms

First of all, many people around the world, especially during winter, suffer from intense dry eye symptoms. In case you want to get rid of this annoying feeling of dryness during your trip, there are some tips that would be very helpful to you. Especially, if you are planning to visit a really cold destination, it is important to always have your eyedrops with you, for the times you can’t stand the feeling. Moreover, it is important to stay hydrated by drinking water, because this way your eyes will be more hydrated too. In case that after following all the above, you are still suffering from dry eye symptoms, the best thing you should do is to visit an optician.

  1. Wear your sunglasses

In case you think that sunglasses are essential only during summer, you are wrong because the sun is burning in the sky, no matter the season. Wearing sunglasses on your winter trip is very important in order to avoid UV exposure or the cold wind that will make your eyes dry. Especially if you are planning to have a ski break, wearing special sunglasses is very important to enjoy hitting the slopes without worrying about any bad incidents.

  1. Visit a good optician before your trip

Last but not least, another very important piece of advice that you must keep in mind while traveling is to visit a good and trusted eye specialist to examine your vision and tell you if everything’s fine with your eye health. This way you will prevent any bad incidents while traveling, and even if you are suffering from any eye problem, the optician will give you a prescription for the special glasses you should wear from now on. Also, you can ask him for some other advice on how to take the best care of your vision during winter.