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How to Drive to College in British Columbia Safely

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It’s important to know all the safety measures when driving. Notably, they might be different in different places due to local reasons. For example, the British Columbia government website clearly states that driving is a privilege rather than a right. So, there are certain behaviors you have to avoid while behind the wheel in B.C. Such as:

Put Your Cell Phone Down

Regardless if you’re recording a voice message or dialing one on the keyboard, you’re going to be distracted by your phone. And on the road, loss of concentration can lead to quite grim events. As a student, you’re always getting hundreds of messages and notifications from your email or study group chat. You might think that replying to your study mate’s question ASAP is important.

But not when you’re driving. Cell phones have proven to be a significant distraction. So, if you want to drive safely in British Columbia, put yours in your bag and keep your eyes on the road. Of course, study matters should not be ignored or delayed. But you can always search for “write essay for me” services after you’ve arrived at your destination. There is no need to check your phone on the road.

Do not be fooled by the hands-free technology. In today’s world, making a quick call in the car might not lead to an accident. But as a young driver, you’re still learning and adjusting to the road. So, it would be wiser to avoid such distractions and train your concentration instead. You wouldn’t want to get yourself in trouble because you were reacting to your friend’s meme, would you?

Drunk or High? Take a Cab

College is the time for experiments and parties. But it doesn’t mean you can compromise safety. Never get behind the wheel while being under any substances, even if it seems you can think clearly. You don’t.

Ask somebody for a lift or take a cab. This is not just a matter of being caught and paying a fine. You can ruin your life and take somebody else’s. British Columbia takes driving under substances as seriously as any other province. So, stay responsible.

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Follow Speed Limit

This one is a no-brainer. But it often gets violated by drivers. Speed regime violations are one of the most common reasons for getting a ticket. If you’re getting distracted and don’t follow the road properly, you’ll likely miss the sign for changing your speed.

And even if you know all the rules and follow everything, you can be tempted to speed up, especially when you’re late for class. And even more so when you’re late for an exam. However, a speed regimen violation might cost you just a bit too much here. It’s a usual recipe for a car accident. So, better drive out early but safely.

No Racing or Stunts

Racing is similar to speed regime violation but involves a few more things. For once, racing a car in an inappropriate area creates tons of noise pollution. No doubt it’s extremely dangerous, especially for a young driver who doesn’t have much experience behind the wheel anyway.

Another thing to avoid is student driving. You might be annoyed by other drivers and not let them pass. But that is not only a bad tone on the road. That can be extremely dangerous and cause car collisions. So, politeness is your best friend here.

Valid License Only

Driving with an expired license is a serious offense. If you get caught, you’ll be prohibited from driving until you obtain a valid document and will have to pay a fine. Moreover, if you get caught twice in British Columbia with an expired license, your car will be confiscated for seven days. Not to mention that fines will be much bigger than the first time.

As a foreign student, you’d need to make sure that you not only have to show your license but a student’s ID. Thus, if you’re still in the process of registration, you better ask someone to give you a lift. You wouldn’t want to start your student life by going through tons of legal processes.

Make sure to research rules for driving licenses in British Columbia. Do not take this matter lightly since you could waste quite a sum on fines. As a student, you won’t have the fortune to splurge like that. You’ll need textbooks, supplies, and essay writing services to help you ease your schedule. So, do not get yourself in stupid trouble. Be prepared for a police check, and stay safe.

Wrapping Up

That’s about it. To drive safely in British Columbia, keep your cell phone away to avoid distractions. Never drive drunk or high. Keep your concentration in check and follow the speed limit no matter what. The same concerns racing and stunt driving. Finally, make sure to learn the rules about driving with a valid license and save yourself some trouble and money.