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How to Plan a Family Golfing Trip

Do you have a family of avid golfers? You have probably hit the links with them in different groups. However, getting everyone on the course simultaneously is tough because of work and other commitments. The answer? It’s a golf vacation for the whole family.

This is the perfect idea for downtime from work and enjoying the sport you love. However, it can be challenging with all the logistics of a multi-person getaway, including bringing gear and booking multiple courses at and around your destination.

Are you looking for help getting the golf ball rolling? Here’s how to plan a family golfing trip.

Pick a Destination

Everyone has their preferences when dreaming of a vacation, but when it is golf-centric, you must pick a destination that complements the sport. Most getaways have golf courses nearby, but for an avid golfer, you may have a bucket-list course to play on.

Choose your destination based on your favourite courses. This could be St. Andrews in Scotland or Pebble Beach in California. Oakmont, Trump Turnberry, Bandon Dunes, and ARA ITI G.C. are also among the best around the globe. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so make sure you reach your dream destination.

Pack or Rent

Packing personal items for a vacation is fairly easy, but when golfing, you need to consider the hassle of packing your gear. Should you bring your favourite clubs or rent them at your destination?

There are no wrong answers here because it is a personal choice, but if you want to challenge yourself, leave your clubs behind.

This adds to the adventure because you play on unfamiliar courses. You may increase the difficulty factor by renting clubs. This will make travel easier and allow you to try different club brands. You can also use this as an opportunity to buy a few key clubs while on the trip to take home with you.

Golf Equipment

Golf drivers are a practical gift for your vacation. There is a lot to consider when buying a new golf driver. Get some expert advice in the pro shop of your dream course. They may recommend high-quality products like the Taylormade Qi10 driver.

You can get the whole family involved in purchasing drivers. This way, you can sample a few different ones by swapping them back and forth on the trip.

Book Courses Around the Main Club

Now that you have decided on your location and top course look around the area for other places to play. These could be:

  • Championship courses
  • Resort courses
  • Parkland courses
  • Dessert courses
  • Links courses
  • Executive courses

These offer different benefits and challenge the family with recreation, leisure, and exploration. Book your tee times well in advance so every day runs smoothly and reconfirm a few days before you leave.

Decide on a High Roller or Budget Vacation

One thing you know for sure is that you will play a lot of golf, and green fees and rentals can be pricey. For the rest of the trip, you must decide on a budget that works for all family members.

You can make the trip a luxury experience, stay in affordable accommodations, and concentrate on golf for an enhanced experience. Make a group decision that fits everyone’s budget, and then have a worry-free trip.

Be Prepared for Weather

We should have included what wardrobe to bring because you already know what to wear while playing golf. Beyond your tailored pants, collared shirts and soft spiked shoes, you may need extra attire for different weather events.

Rain gear, sun protection, and extra layers for warmth are essentials for a family trip. You want to be comfortable, so bring what you need and enjoy whatever Mother Nature offers.

Consider the Needs and Wishes of the Entire Group

Traveling can be stressful sometimes, and your needs may differ from those of your family members. When planning this trip, consider everyone coming along and give them a say in what you do.

Beyond your golf days, there will be sightseeing and meals to consider, so have the entire family research their ideas and brainstorm to ensure everything is in order. This will ensure no sour grapes or hurt feelings during the trip.

This is how to plan a family golf trip. Ultimately, you share the love of the sport, the exciting glue that holds everyone together while you are away. This is a memory-making event, so do it right and enjoy the familial experience because they tend to be few and far between.