Are you finding that you can’t get away from it all this year? Have you had your travel plans disrupted? Or, are you finding it hard to find the extra money you need to pay for a vacation?

Having a ‘staycation’ is quickly becoming a popular solution to all these problems. You need to take time away from work and give yourself some downtime to relax, but you don’t have to spend money on flights, hotels and meals in restaurants; stay home for your vacation and save.

Planning a perfect staycation is easier than you think, and with our simple guide, you will have everything you need to plan your next staycation!

Plan Your Itinerary, Do You Want to Make any Day Trips?

If you just want to relax and enjoy some time off work and away from all life’s distractions, then there is no place like home.

If you simply want to do nothing for a week or two, that’s fine, but you may want to consider planning an itinerary and maybe planning some excursions to the outside world. If you enjoy a trip to a theme park, for instance, then why not plan a day out on some rollercoasters? If the weather is normally good when you plan your staycation, you could have a day or two at the beach. You don’t have to spend all your time at home, and some of your favorite places are just an hour or two away – this is one of the best things about a staycation.

Don’t Want to Miss Out on a Hotel Bed? Save Money and Make an Upgrade at Home

One of the highlights of taking a vacation can be the bed in a holiday home or hotel. This is an area that hotels and resorts invest some money in, and the mattress is usually very high quality.

Strangely, people often don’t invest much money in their bed or mattress at home, and it is often one of the lowest cost items of furniture in a home, despite the importance of sleep. If you are saving some money by having a staycation, why not invest some money in your sleep? You can find top quality mattresses at a steep discount on Labor Day and have a hotel quality bed all year round. It costs less than you might think to get a good mattress that supports your body and gives you that ‘hotel bed’ feeling.

Consider Making Your Staycation ‘Unplugged’

If you really want to make the most of your time, consider unplugging from the internet and social media – as many devices and distractions as you dare – and making your staycation unplugged.

Social media, online shopping, and endless scrolling don’t make a good vacation. Many people are recommending spending some time away from social media like Twitter and Facebook. Some people go even further on vacations away from media and temporarily ban Netflix and media streaming to spend more time socializing as a couple or a family. A staycation is a great excuse to put the phones and tablets down for a few days and have some fun with friends and family that doesn’t involve a screen or social media.

There simply is no place like home, so why not try a staycation instead of a vacation? You can save yourself money and spend your time away from work visiting some of your favorite places, and eating meals in your favorite local restaurants.

If you make the decision to unplug from social media for a while too, you may have a life-changing staycation! Hopefully, this guide will help you have the perfect staycation this year.


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