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How to Prepare for Moving Countries as a Couple

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Moving countries can be a crucial yet exciting time for couples. But despite the allure of changing scenery, many hardships come with being an expatriate couple. There are multiple reasons why some partners fail to keep their relationship or marriage while they move.

Then, it is good that some adjustments can make a couple’s relationship stand the test of a new environment.

Have a Sit-Down With Your Partner

It is a good idea to sit down with your partner and talk about any past issues. With blurry communication, you need to air out your grievances before taking a significant step like immigration. Conflicts can arise suddenly in the new environment, adding to the list of problems you need to address once you arrive in the country.

Since a completely new environment might cause stress, all previous issues must be dealt with promptly. Considering how your partner will remain the closest person to you, as well as your financial and emotional support, a good relationship must be a priority.

Take Care of Logistical Concerns to Avoid Stress

Working abroad will cause some whiplash. Suddenly, friends and family are in a different hemisphere. You no longer have the same environment you were used to seeing for years. There is also an added layer of responsibility in terms of paperwork.

One reason why immigrating couples find their relationship rocky is logistical reasons. The blame game can happen when one or two parties are careless about their paperwork. Instead, try to have an envelope with all of the physical copies of your papers.

Likewise, make scanned copies of all your pertinent documents to ensure you have a backup. If you are unsure of the steps to make your move go smoothly, find immigration services near your area. If you are moving to a place like the UK, check the steps for a marriage visa, if necessary. Another logistical concern is moving your belongings. It is good to have a look at UK international removal services to help move this along.

Realize How Hard This is for Each Other

Moving somewhere where all of your friends and family are not present is tricky. Your workplace has changed. You cannot go to the same places you went to for fun. These are all things that will take a toll on a person’s mental health. One must realize that anyone faced with these difficulties will experience crankiness from time to time.

Keep this in mind whenever your partner appears to get upset while doing chores. Perhaps they are also still reeling from the effects of being far from home. These changes pile on other stressors like work or health concerns. There are also demands at the workplace which could prevent you or your partner from fully processing the adjustment period.

In short, be understanding when these emotional responses manifest in your partner. 

Get Some Space from Each Other

Do not be fooled by social media. Having space from each other does not mean disregarding your partner’s existence. This development means allowing some room to breathe. Everything is emotionally volatile when you are put in a completely new environment. Things that do not usually push your buttons seem to irk you. Even some of your partner’s usual quirks become annoying. Some space will give you peace of mind.

To prevent conflicts from arising, practice the art of personal space. For example, your spouse might like the tradition of getting a drink with their workmates. Or they might like walking around a space like a mall or a bookstore. Whatever they do to pass the time, it comes from a place of needing to cool off. 

Do not take it against them when they explore your neighborhood without you, just as long as they notify you of their plans.

Do Not Forget to Be Sweet

As couples age, the sweetness can get overlooked. This phenomenon is even more amplified in expats who undergo multiple new stressors when moving countries. A simple gesture like a rose or a dinner date will go a long way for your partner. These acts of sweetness remind them that they are not alone and that they have someone going through the hardships of life beside them.

Try to make it a habit to set some “couple time” every once in a while. That is more than welcome if you can somehow find a weekly routine, like a movie marathon in your new apartment. Do whatever you can to show how much you love your partner, even through tough times. 

Remember that moving countries is a tricky thing to pull off. So be kind to each other, and your relationship will reap the benefits of moving to greener pastures. After all, this is likely a move you made with both of your priorities in mind.