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How to stay healthy despite being busy

Health is one of the most important things in life. It simply doesn’t compare with being rich or famous, and it is the only thing that should be on top of our priority list at all times.

Unfortunately, as technology keeps evolving and our societies become more modernized, people tend to live lives that are far from what was once considered healthy.

According to Healthcare Weekly, fast food is around every corner, not leaving your house for weeks is completely possible due to all of the delivery services, and although all of this makes our life easier, it doesn’t make us healthier. In fact, it makes us unhealthier and even more prone to developing arthritis.

One of the biggest excuses that people have when it comes to remaining fit, is being busy. In this article, we are going to help you learn a few new ways of staying in shape and maintaining your healthy status, despite being as “busy” as you think you are.

Out of all the possible excuses that you can think of, being “busy” is the one that makes the least sense.

Fortune and fame is meaningless if you are constantly not feeling well. Let’s take a look at some of the best possible solutions.

Meal Preparation

Let’s start with the most important thing, food. “You are what you eat” is a famous saying that exists for a reason, and it has a very deep meaning if you think of it correctly. We’re just going to leave the phrase “junk food” here and allow you to do the rest of the thinking.

Now, the best solution for busy people to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle is by getting involved in weekly meal preparations.

Whether you’re going to do this every Sunday or every Friday, it is completely up to you. What matters is that you prepare at least one healthy meal for each day, and take it to work or wherever you want.

This way, instead of ordering junk food from the nearby shop, you will have a proper and healthy meal that will provide your body all of the required nutrients.

Not many people think of it this way, but you will be less “busy” if you are eating proper meals, simply because your productivity will increase due to the proper nutrition intake.

Take this advice into consideration and try it for a month or two and if you want to read more about having balanced meals, visit Medical News Today. You’ll immediately feel the results. Nurses have the busiest schedule, and healthy lunches for nurses are very important—consider meal preparation to save time and effort.

Remaining Hydrated – Water Bottle

Our bodies are mostly made out of water, which already tells us that if we don’t drink enough of it, we’re going to suffer some negative consequences. Sometimes people tend to be so “busy” that they forget to drink the required amount of water for the day.

One of the best solutions to fix this issue is by purchasing a cool water bottle, such as the ones from Waterbottle.io and have it on your table for as long as you are working. Whenever you accidentally see the bottle, you will be instantly reminded that you need to drink some water. You won’t be wasting any time going to the bathroom or looking for a glass, so you don’t really have an excuse not to take a sip from it.

The recommended daily water intake for an average person is about 3L, but this will mostly depend on whether you’re very physically active or not. If you know someone who forgets to drink water on a regular basis, gift them a bottle from GiftWits.

Implementing a home-workout routine in your schedule

Besides a healthy diet and remaining hydrated, the next most important thing is to implement some physical activity in your life in order to keep all of the functions of your body up and running.

Working out improves your heart-health, blood pressure, blood flow, it reduces stress and it increases your appetite. Not to mention the aesthetic benefits that are always welcomed.

Now, here comes another myth that people love using as an excuse. “Working out will make me tired, and I will not be able to perform as I should at work”. No, this is completely incorrect.

According to Greatist.com, working out makes you more aware of things, it increases your overall productivity and your will to do everything else in life better.

It teaches self-discipline, which is one of the most important things in life if you want to be a successful person.

Physical activity also prevents a lot of conditions such as anxiety and insomnia, due to the serotonin that’s being released after every training session.

You don’t have to go to the gym every single day or spend hours driving to a fancy location just to get 30 minutes of training.

If you really want to improve yourself, you can exercise almost everywhere, and yes, even at your workplace. There are quite a lot of bodyweight exercises that allow you to work your entire body and lose some weight or build muscle, depending on what your goal is.

You can do these during each and every pause while you’re working, instead of smoking a cigarette or drinking coffee. There’s a way for everything, it’s just a matter of how much you want it.

It takes a lot less time than you think

Working out should last for hours, and unless you want to become a professional athlete, which is highly unlikely since you’re reading this article, you can achieve perfect and balanced progress without spending more than an hour per day.

And it doesn’t have to be every single day as well, which is even better.

Working your entire body also doesn’t really require any equipment, just as we mentioned earlier, but if you want to do some sort of cardio such as running on a track or using the elliptical machines, you can purchase one of those for your home, and use them whenever you have some free time.


Last but not least, even if you are not doing any physical activity, you need to sleep a lot more than you probably are right now.

Eight to nine hours of quality sleep is very important for overall performance. You might think that you will get more job done if you are sleeping less, but that is not true.

When you are tired, your ability to think is drastically reduced, meaning that you will be able to complete a lot more tasks if you are well-rested.  


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