The street food in Mexico is now officially recognized by UNESCO for its cultural significance. Tacos are a favorite food for people all over the world and have made a worldwide impact with Taco Tuesdays. Other Mexican delights like guacamole, burritos, chorizo, and even the infamous margarita have found their way into the everyday culinary repertoire of homes from Korea to Canada.

Regardless of whether you have ever thought to pack your bags and get on a plane for a Mexico Border Crossing, we are sure that you know about the gastronomic delights of this nation. Mexico is a fabulous place to visit, and the combination of welcoming locals, history, architecture, beaches, and cuisine make this destination consistently at the top of travel lists. Find below a few ideas about how to travel to Mexico without leaving your home.

Watch Mexican inspired movies and television

Mexico has a booming film industry. The Disney-Pixar animated movie Coco makes for a perfect family movie night. The culture, music, and traditions of Mexico are showcased, while the Day of the Dead celebration is demystified. Older audiences will enjoy Frida, based on the flamboyant and infamous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Salma Hayek was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as the title character.

Expand your culinary skills

We all should come out of lockdown with at least one new talent that goes beyond being able to coordinate pajama bottoms with a blazer. Airbnb Online Experiences give you the option of learning a new skill with dedicated online guides from around the planet.

One of Chef Graciela’s classes entitled ‘Make Mexican Street Tacos with a Pro Chef’ has been reviewed over 1800 times and will have you whipping up salsa and flour tortillas from scratch in your kitchen. You can join on your own or get a bunch of your friends to all sign up for the same class from their own homes. For those who are really keen, the same teacher has additional advanced classes to prepare Churros or make Mexican Fiesta Essential.

Master the margarita

Let’s face it, even when you mess up a margarita, it’s still pretty delicious. Additionally, just about every bartender that you ask will have a different recipe for the perfect margarita. Most don’t even agree on whether it should or shouldn’t have salt, whereas others could get into a day-long debate about whether any fruit other than lime juice should be allowed.

The history of the margarita is far from confirmed. Just about the only time that you’ll get any agreement is that the essential ingredient for a margarita is tequila, ideally using the most premium brand you can get your hands on. Premium tequila is made from 100% agave, whereas the cheaper varieties blend this with other fermented sugars. Impress your friends and take a mixology class. You’ll get some excellent knowledge for your next virtual pub quiz and get to drink everything you make.

While our love of travel has not diminished with the new world, we should be thankful that there are now so many different outlets to capture a country’s essence while being in our own house. Get creative and embrace traveling to Mexico from home.


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