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Hungary’s best kept lake secret – Lake Balaton

Photo by Daria Ra

We’re about to reveal a secret mostly known to locals in Hungary…and this is one place you’re going to want to know. Lake Balaton…a large freshwater lake in the western part of the country boasting beaches, volcanic hills, resort towns, neighboring wine regions, and brilliant bicycle trails that run against gorgeous backdrops.

Balaton is best when paired with a few energetic days in Budapest, it’s the relaxing retreat that works best at the end of the stay and awaits with soft adventure and plenty of relaxation in crisp, fresh air.

From the Baroque-style architecture reflected in beautiful palaces in the center of Keszthely to the unique Lake Cave which is a system that sprawls beneath the town, to sailing the crystal clear waters in your own private boat to even a bobsled adventure on the tracks of Balatonfűzfő.

End each day with a stroll along the shaded Tagore Promenade, full of cafes, restaurants and ice cream shops and watch the sunset. Could it be any more perfect?