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Inside Moskito Island’s Ultra-Luxury Estates: A New Era of Vacation Excellence

A private paradise in the British Virgin Islands, Moskito allows visitors to enjoy that private island lifestyle, now with all the comforts of a luxury hotel experience. And it’s all-inclusive.

A private gem located in the verdant British Virgin Islands, Moskito embodies a shift in luxury travel. While the isle has been a vacation destination to an elite few since 2014, the private homes on this enclave in the heart of the North Sound were rented independently. Now, Moskito launches as a leading luxury brand as four visionary homeowners have made the decision to rent their private homes, combining the intimacy of private estates with the sophisticated offerings of luxury resorts.

As such, Moskito joins the likes of luxury hotels around the world, with a twist. The billionaires who own the estates have personally designed them with the expert guidance of leading architects and interior designers, and while they spend several weeks a year here, they appreciate that homes need to be lived in to maintain their soul. Thus, as the trend of villa vacations continues to rise, and luxury hotel brands all over are throwing their hat into the ring, Moskito rises to the top. What’s more, Moskito is all-inclusive, but again, it’s atypical, rental of the estates includes meals and fine wines and liquor, so Moskito not only transcends mere vacationing, it now embodies the zenith of luxury living.

Much like a traveler would charter a yacht, Moskito is embracing the “chartering a home” concept, complete with a head cruise director or estate manager in the case of Moskito. Every detail is taken care of for the entire group. So whether it’s a milestone celebration, a space for athletes and their families during off season training, teambuilding or off-sites, or multigenerational travel, Moskito is paving the way in luxury destination travel.

Each of island’s four design-forward, ultra-luxury estates is set against panoramic ocean views and lush landscape, and accommodates about 20 guests in meticulously appointed suites and secluded cottages. Far from generic rental properties, these estates are filled with exquisite furnishings and unique décor, reflecting the spirit of their owners. Amenities include expansive dining pavilions, assorted bars, Peloton and other top-brand fitness centers, media rooms, sporting equipment, and dedicated personnel providing impeccable service with an effortless flair. 

The estates share lush botanical gardens and striking views of the Caribbean Sea, and every one offers expansive suites, bespoke service, and a rich array of activities. But each villa is designed to meet a specific vacation goal: The Point is ideal for friends, groups and family enjoyment, The Village calls for grand celebrations (complete with its own DJ booth that rises out of its dance floor!), The Oasis is perfect for inspiring wellness and corporate retreats, and newly unveiled later this year, Cape Stout is a home base for activity, adventure, and a sure-fire favorite for design aficionados.

A typical sojourn on Moskito Island might involve a group of 20 (and up to 70 adults if rented all together)—longstanding friends, groups of business colleagues, or multigenerational family members—delighting in a stay that balances relaxation and activity. Sybarites can unwind on three beaches; in numerous swimming pools, whirlpools, and hot tubs; or over in-room spa services, and leisurely dinners under the stars. For adventure travelers, water sports await, from paddleboarding, and seabobs to wing foiling or hydrofoiling. The privacy and spaciousness of each estate allows guests to retreat and rejuvenate overnight before joining the rest of the group for another day in paradise.

Access to shared amenities are also included with each a main Beach House with pool, jacuzzi, beach, bar and private dining spaces that can be reserved for exclusive use and events. Two tennis courts, hiking trails, a fully equipped gym and a water sports center are available to all island guests.

Dedicated private chefs and kitchen team will ensure that every meal is a phenomenal culinary experience. The finest fresh ingredients, which often include produce from the estates’ own gardens, are expertly prepared and served in individually tailored menus of exquisitely executed, vibrant and nutritious dishes. Preferences will be taken into account and all curated menus provided in advance of stay for approval prior to arrival.

A discerning selection of fine wines from the estates’ well-stocked cellars are available at any time. A complete list of all premium wines and spirits included can be provided. Special vintages can also be purchased if you’re seeking an even more distinctive experience.

Each estate is staffed by a friendly team who are devoted to making sure that the estate, and time on the estate, is perfect in every way ensuring a perfectly executed curated vacation experience. The estate manager, head chef and guest services manager oversee a talented team responsible for housekeeping and gardening, and for providing you with seamless, round-the-clock guest services. 

All rates are inclusive of three round-trip airport transfers per estate. The island is not quite 200-acres, so nothing is more than a three to five minute golf cart ride away and each estate is outfitted with a fleet of Mokes or buggies for getting around.


Nestled on a cliff overlooking Moskito Island’s western shores, this estate offers a spectacular setting for life’s unforgettable celebrations and incredible sunsets. Private suites accommodate up to 18 guests and are a haven for shared experiences and deep connections. As the sun dips below the horizon, the estate transforms, revealing a vibrant personality full of surprises and enticing lounges and dining spaces. Built for those who revel in lively gatherings, The Village invites guests to anticipate the unexpected and uncover the whimsical nature of this estate.


Situated at the island’s highest point and reminiscent of a super yacht, this estate offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the incredible BVI sea and sky. Eleven suites sleep up to 22 guests and the sleek modern aesthetics, with a focus on warmth and wellness, make it perfect for multi-generational families or corporate retreats. A sprawling wraparound infinity pool with a waterfall and a swim-up bar links various poolside pods to the four-story primary residence. Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors gracefully meld interior spaces with the surrounding natural beauty, creating an immersive, seamless integration with nature.


Perched on a cliffside of the island’s south side, the Point commands a prime location with reef break views and direct access to Manchioneel Beach just steps below. The estate sleeps up to 16 adults and 8 children in stand-alone guest suites, making it ideal for friend groups and families seeking a blend of shared experiences and personal relaxation. At the heart of this estate lies the Great Room, encircled by an infinity pool blending seamlessly with the horizon, complemented by large communal dining spaces, the ultimate in plush couches, a hot tub, firepit sunken bar, and an array of games. A true haven for both heartfelt connections and indulgent solitude.