With mesmerizing, majestic scenery and world-class wildlife, there are endless opportunities in Chilean Patagonia to flex your Instagram skills. What better way to experience the very best visuals that Chilean Patagonia has to offer than by checking the best Instagrammable spots off your bucket list. Fortunately, Patagonia Camp has a dedicated program designed for capturing the visual masterpieces that make this destination one of the world’s most scenically stunning. Here are the most photographable spots in the region that you won’t want to miss:

Ultima Esperanza Fjord: At the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park and the Southern Patagonian Ice Field sits this impressive and majestic natural passageway, Ultima Esperanza fjord. This is the jumping off point from where to learn about the history of Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine, and how the destination has grown over the centuries to become one of the best for adventurous travelers and lovers of pristine, natural beauty.

Pingo Trail: A walk along this wild and secluded valley path opens up a world of possibilities for snagging the picture-perfect shot of the best iconic landmarks of Chilean Patagonia. Hike up to the Mount Ferrier to look out over the sweeping panoramic landscapes of Torres del Paine, including the most famous shot of the massif of Torres del Paine.

Lago Grey and Grey Beach: Imagine glacial blue water dotted with looming icebergs, surrounded by towering mountains as far as the eye can see. Lago Grey is one of the most impressive bodies of water not only in Chilean Patagonia, but in all of South America. From the beach at the southern end visitors can snap the perfect Instagram picture of Grey Glacier at the northern end.

Cascada del Rio Paine: Located on the Paine River, this spectacular waterfall is a gorgeous photo op on the way to Laguna Azul. From that point, it is possible to drink in the views of the massif of Torres del Paine. The glacially blue waters rush by with force and power, with the iconic backdrop that makes the most perfect frame for any Instagram shot.

Wildlife of Patagonia: En route to these spectacular destinations, Instagrammers will have the opportunity to capture some of the most impressive flora and fauna that calls Torres del Paine home. Scan the skies for condors, one of the largest species of birds on earth. Or keep a lookout for the Huemul deer frolicking along quiet trails. These are the national animal of Chile and are a beautiful sight to behold. Of course, there are smaller animals to keep watch for, like armadillos, foxes, and swans, but the real prize will be to score a shot of the elusive puma.

Mirador Las Torres: If there is one shot to get to complete your Instagrammable journey through Chilean Patagonia, it has to be the Mirador Las Torres. This hike is to the base of the towers, ensuring that the very best of the region is captured in one shot: the lake and the mountains. Whether a standalone shot or one that frames you in the foreground, this will be the photo that wows your followers all around the world.

Instagrammers looking to experience all of this and more can do so with Patagonia Camp’s Portraits of Patagonia program. This four-night program is available September 25 to 29 and has been custom designed for photographers and photographers-in-training to capture the dazzling and wild nature of Chilean Patagonia.

Guests who book the package have the opportunity to stay in one of the camp’s 20 luxury yurts, each thoughtfully designed with luxury in mind. Each yurt overlooks the Lago Toro and Paine Massif, with ensuite bathroom, private terrace, central heating, and decorated with Patagonian fabrics and furniture.


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