The Israel Ministry of Tourism today announced that it is beginning to take steps to plan the reopening of its domestic tourism sector.

At a special meeting chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which was convened today, April 27, to discuss the return of the tourism industry to activity, it was agreed that on Sunday, May 3, 2020, hotels and accommodations with ground-floor rooms (such as Zimmers/Bed & Breakfast) will return to operate as the first step in the tourism industry’s return to activity.

Israel remains cautious about the protocols in place to safeguard its population during the current situation when Covid19 is taking its toll around the globe. The return to activity will be subject to several measurable health and safety factors. It was also agreed that in the coming days guidelines will be formulated together with the Ministry of Health, for operating hotels and accommodations during the COVID period.

The Israel Ministry of Tourism’s outline for the gradual return of the Israeli tourism industry to activity was approved today. “I welcome the first step that was made today. This is good news for thousands of business owners and workers in the tourism industry, which for the first time since the outbreak of the crisis, have a date set up for their return to activity.” Minister Yariv Levin commented: ‘’The decision to gradually reopen the tourism sector is an important one and shows the great importance of this industry. We hope that we will be also able to welcome Canadians soon to experience amazing Israel.’’ Gal Hana, Israeli Consul of Tourism for Canada stated. “Tourism and travel are big and important sectors in the Israeli economy – especially in recent years with record breaking number of tourists who chose Israel as their favourite destination.” Hana noted.

The quick and decisive response by the Israeli government to COVID19 is the reason for this plan to phase-in this recovery process. Israel was one of the first countries to completely lock-down – measures including shutting and ground all flights in or out of Ben Gurion International Airport, closing all land border crossings, and hotels and other modes of accommodations were also shut. Strict measures were put into place to prevent persons from congregating, non-essential businesses where shut down and other businesses and industry closed thus keeping workers and general population safe and at home.

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