It’s a universal truth that parents want to give their kids the best possible childhood filled with happy memories and a solid understanding of how important the family is. And traveling together, discovering our big and beautiful world, is both – a great way to make some memories and to have quality time together. And Italy is a perfect destination if you are looking for a family-friendly vacation. It has so much to offer for kids and grown-ups that putting together an itinerary that will work for all family members, big and small, is no problem at all. To illustrate, we’ve put together some suggestions on fun things you can do together.

Mask Workshop in Venice

There are quite a few things that the Floating City is famous for. Scenic water canals, charming gondolas, lovely bridges, and, of course, the Carnival of Venice and its traditional masks! Carefully designed and masterfully done, the masks come in different shapes and colors, but each and every one of them is a work of art. But instead of buying one as a souvenir, why not take your loved ones to a private workshop where you will be taught how to make it? 

Guided by a professional artist, you will have a chance to learn everything there is to know about exquisite masks and design your own masterpiece, from the base to choosing the perfect decorations. Sounds awesome, right?

Pizza Cooking Class in Florence

Pizza is one of the most important reasons to adore Italy. Honestly, it’s hard to find a more universally adored dish! And no Italy vacation is complete unless you have dedicated a few hours to learning the secrets of a perfect dough, finding out why a wood-fired oven is essential,  and trying to cook the perfection that is real Italian pizza yourself. Of course, a professional chief will be there to guide you, and the secrets of the sacred process are all yours to take back home. Plus, at the end of this master class, you will taste your gastronomical delights, so a family competition on who can make the best pizza is in order!

But pizza is not the only thing worth learning more about when it comes to traditional Italian cuisine. What about mouthwatering gelato and lasagna, Garfield’s favorite? If you fit several cooking classes in your travel itinerary, you can turn your trip into a real gastronomical adventure!

Roman Mosaic in Rome

Rome is a dream city, boasting authentic character and unparalleled cultural and historical heritage. And while this is a good reason enough to make any adult fall for this remarkable place, children have much more demanding criteria on what places are considered worth their attention. In their eyes, museums and galleries can never compare to zoos, amusement parks, and workshops. And Rome boasts a few activity options that can satisfy even the pickiest of travelers, such as the Roman Mosaic Workshop.

The purpose of the class is very simple: all family members work closely together to create a unique piece of colorful Roman mosaic. As no families are the same, there can’t be two matching projects, and everyone is welcome to bring a part of themselves into the process. 

As you can see, traveling with children is not hard at all. Yes, it might be stressful if your trip isn’t put together properly. There is no arguing that. When you don’t have a carefully executed master plan behind your trip, too many things can go wrong. So if you don’t have plenty of time on your hands or any previous experience, it’s best to leave all arrangements to the professionals. For example, top-rated tours to Italy by Firebird feature extensive sightseeing programs, local professional guides, and authentic activities that both you and your children will adore. 


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