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Kick Start 2022 with Coppa’s ‘Home from Home’ Experience

Coppa is launching a selection of new experiences this year that encourage guests to feel good about themselves and appreciate their surroundings. Coppa’s Clubhouses will enable guests to relax in a warm and welcoming environment that feels just like home, if not better. Offerings include a brand-new seasonal food concept that encourage healthy and more conscious dining, a series of wellbeing and mindful events that range from fitness to craft classes, as well as a newly launched low/non-alcoholic and a CBD cocktails menu. Available across all Coppa locations, this new initiative is set to allow visitors to put themselves first, in a calming, non-pressured atmosphere that feels like an extension of their home. As an all-day venue, guests are invited to linger all day and to leave feeling better than when they arrived – whether meeting friends, catching up on emails or reading a good book.

As part of Coppa’s home-from-home ethos, it offers the very best elements of a café, bar, restaurant and lounge – all combined into one setting that provides something for everyone. With nine separate locations currently found in the South-East & West of England, the brand has a private members’ club feel, without any members club fees. Each venue reflects its individual location and celebrates Britishness, alongside offering an informal, welcoming, and relaxed atmosphere.

Each Coppa location has been uniquely designed to encourage guests to unwind and use the space as they wish. As part of this, Coppa has also partnered with ethical wellness brand, The Natural Spa Factory, and will be lighting their luxury candles in cosy corners of each site from 6pm every day. This scent is said to emulate a ‘home feel’ and signature the end of the working day – a time for relaxation with friends or with oneself.

Coppa’s Healthy Specials

Coppa is delighted to be launching a ‘Healthy Specials’ menu this January that will run through to spring. This menu is dedicated to supporting guests with clean, more conscious dining experiences – and allows them to eat as well, if not better, than they would in their own home. At each site, a specialised menu will accompany the standard ‘a la carte’ featuring nutritious options that benefit the body and mind. Visitors can still head out for lunch or dinner, comfortable in the knowledge that they can choose something off the menu that makes them feel as healthy as they would cooking on a night in at home. 

The ‘Healthy Specials’ menu includes multiple vegan options such as nourishing chia seed pods complemented with coconut, maple and vanilla, vegetarian-friendly dishes including spiced roasted cauliflower and wholesome dishes such as almond milk poached chicken salads.

Low/Non Alcoholic Cocktails in Partnership with Trip CBD & Crossip

Alongside Coppa’s new ‘Healthy Specials’ menu, no and low cocktails will now be on offer in partnership with Trip CBD and Crossip. An emerging trend that enables people to unwind and relax, Trip CBD cocktails have genuine health benefits that reduce stress, enhance sleep and boost the immune system – enabling guests to feel better than they did when they arrived. Coppa’s newly launched ‘Peach Trip’ cocktail has been curated with TRIP peach and ginger CBD infused oil and apple juice and will be available at all events from January through to spring. Non-alcoholic cocktails also include the ‘Sanguinello Spritz’ – a delicious combination of Crossip Pure Hibiscus, Fever Tree blood orange soda, rosemary and a citrus twist.

For more information on Coppa’s Healthy Specials & low/non-alcoholic cocktail menu, please see here.

Events & Experiences

Coppa will be introducing a series of holistic events which centre around fitness, wellness and crafts. Available across a wide selection of Coppa locations and carefully tailored to each local market, these events have been designed to encourage guests to relax and make them feel at home enough to prioritise themselves. With a wide range on offer, these new experiences include sunrise yoga workshops, arial hoop yoga, self-made candle tutorials, sound bath healing and brunch, Pilates re-set sessions, sip and sketch art evenings and barre-fusion classes. All experiences are led by local experts and take place in Coppa’s vibrant event spaces. To top off the ultimate relaxation, guests can enjoy a Peach Trip CBD cocktail whilst partaking in the event.

From January through to April, Coppa will also be offering dedicated fitness retreats in collaboration with renowned wellness brands and dedicated fitness staycations on selected hotel locations.For more information on Coppa Club, please visit www.coppaclub.co.uk