Help KSTR this Earth Day and do your part to save the planet!

This Earth Day, on April 22nd, Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) will be planting 400 trees on their property, in Las Mesas de Parrita, where they are reforesting over 250 acres of an old teak plantation as part of its continued reforestation program. KSTR has planted over 10,500 trees to date and have a goal to plant 10,000 trees this year and for the next 10 years. KSTR is actively recruiting volunteers who would like to join them as they work hard to save the rainforest of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  

The event will start at 9am and will finish at approximately 12pm local time or as long as volunteers are able to continue. Mackenzie (also known as “Mac”) will be leading the volunteer efforts and is KSTR’s biologist who has been involved in KSTR’s reforestation programs and planting trees for many years. KSTR will be providing the trees, cold water and snacks (e.g. fruits, cookies,etc…) and asks volunteers to bring shovels, gloves, water bottles, sun screen, bug spray, rain gear and wear a pair of boots. They are also extending the invitation to businesses looking to get involved.

The trees will consist of 33 different native species, including fruit bearing trees and others. Some have large roots to stop landslides in the rain. The trees were donated by Empresa Propietaria de la Red. An electric and telecommunications company servicing Central America who is passionate about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping the planet.

Earth Day is a day that celebrates world-wide efforts for environmental protection and raises awareness for important causes including wildlife conservation, ending plastic pollution, climate change and more. KSTR encourages everyone to do their part and help this planet we all call home.  For more information about this important Earth Day activity please visit KIDS SAVING THE RAINFOREST.

Team members from KSTR will be checking the tree planting site on the 16th of April.  If it is not wet enough, they will have to reschedule the event until May when the rains will sustain the trees.


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