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Savor a Contemporary Taste of La Dolce Vita at Hotel La Palma

2023 saw the highly anticipated opening of Hotel La Palma in Capri, marking Italy’s first Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotel. Conceived as a unique, elegant Mediterranean retreat on the fabled Italian island, the original hotel on Capri, which opened over 200 years ago, is once again the chicest address for the modern traveler, reopened for the season on April 9, 2024. With culinary direction under Italian chef Gennaro Esposito, since opening Hotel La Palma’s has become renowned as a foodie destination on the island.


In true Italian fashion, Hotel La Palma is a gourmand’s delight with its restaurant, bar, and terrace under the culinary direction of Chef Gennaro Esposito, with Dario Gentile as Food and Beverage Director. Esposito is a culinary hero in Italy, having run his own two-Michelin Star restaurant, Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense, Naples, for the last 23 years. Named after the chef at its helm, Gennaro’s is Hotel La Palma’s main restaurant that transports guests a simple, stylish step back in time to the Capri of the 1950s, embracing the timeless romance of the island while serving unpretentious, authentic Italian cuisine with characteristic flair. Offering an atmospheric ambiance from morning to night, a table at Gennaro’s is now one of the most coveted in town. The bright and warm restaurant is the perfect place to start the day, as the welcoming scent of fresh coffee and Italian pastries greets guests as they enjoy the generous breakfast buffet featuring the finest products from Italy and beyond.

Later in the day, diners will encounter signature dishes such as homemade cavatelli pasta with zucchini, basil, and caciocavallo podolico cheese and turbot with green bean pesto and potatoes. Esposito aimed to create a classic dining environment that prides itself on showcasing elegant culinary aesthetics using locally sourced ingredients without ever losing sight of the flavor, and he does so with help from Executive Chef Giovanni Bavuso. The theatrical gueridon service elevates the dining experience by presenting iconic dishes directly to guests, where they are expertly finished and portioned tableside. This interactive approach fosters a dynamic Chef-Guest interaction, carefully choreographed yet allowing for spontaneity. It begins with the Chef’s introduction, followed by a detailed showcase of cooking techniques and ingredients, inviting guests to customize their dish according to their preferences. Positioned above the bustling streets of Capri Village and the renowned Anema e Core, this restaurant is favored by discerning gourmands on the island as Gennaro’s promises a contemporary, vibrant experience that shuns formality and celebrates the spirit and cuisine of Capri.


With an enviable vantage point looking down towards the bustling streets of Capri, La Palma Terrace is a bustling location to watch the world pass by – the perfect spot for an aperitivo or a morning coffee, offering a front-row seat to Via Vittorio Emanuele – known by some as the best fashion runway in all of Italy. In the morning, fresh juices and aromatic coffee, accompanied by delectable pastries, capture Capri’s essence. For lunch, one can indulge in quintessential Southern Italian hospitality with a smile, savoring pasta, salads, and snacks bursting with flavors. Guests can be treated to an indulgent Neapolitan ‘babà’ or house-made gelato, perfectly complemented by an extensive selection of Rosé wines. As the sun sets, La Palma transforms into the ultimate aperitivo hotspot, where guests gather to see and be seen.

La Palma Bar & terrace is the front room of Capri, where guests are treated to old-school pampering and impeccable service. With understated luxury and attention to detail, the chic and welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for unforgettable ‘Classic Capri’ moments. The service is efficient yet lively, with laughter echoing through the space and silver tray moments adding a touch of elegance to every interaction. La Palma Bar & Terrace invites guests to experience Capri’s timeless charm and magnetic allure in every sip, bite, and moment shared with friends old and new.


Another gastronomic highlight is Bianca; an unapologetically glamorous, rooftop garden restaurant and lounge bar, offering spectacular views over Capri Village and the sea towards the horizon. Bianca is fast becoming the island’s chicest – and most fun – dinner destination, combining sheer escapism in a magical setting with culinary excellence, including a DJ every night.

Bianca, the epitome of sophistication and culinary excellence, invites guests to embark on an extraordinary journey of gastronomic delight and vibrant social gatherings at its exclusive rooftop destination. Perched high above Capri Village, Bianca presents an adventurous culinary destination that defies conventions and redefines the art of cooking. At the heart of its allure lies the world-famous Josper Charcoal Oven, renowned for imparting unparalleled depth and flavor to the island’s finest meat cuts, fresh fish, and crustaceans. Each dish is meticulously crafted, pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking techniques to elevate flavors and create an enticing dining experience like no other. A glitzy oasis for social gatherings, Bianca is the beating heart of Capri’s nightlife scene. With live DJs, vibrant music, and aperitivo trolleys offering an array of delights, Bianca sets the stage for an unforgettable night out. Its unapologetically glamorous ambiance exudes old-school luxury blended with cutting-edge chic, creating a decadent and charming atmosphere.

As the evening unfolds, Bianca transforms into a lively lounge where guests mingle and revel in the vibrant atmosphere. From vintage champagne poured from elegant trolleys to playful cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists, the night at Bianca celebrates camaraderie and indulgence. Live DJ beats accompanied by a saxophonist elevate the party, while late-night pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven provide the perfect fuel for the festivities. Guests can expect unintrusive yet engaging service with a touch of flair, ensuring that every evening feels like a spectacular show.


A few minute’s drive to the southern coast of the island, guests will discover the elegant yet laid-back Da Gioia by La Palma beach club in the Marina Piccola, the bay located in front of the legendary Faraglioni and home to the island’s most famous beaches and restaurants. Da Gioia is a playground for the great and the good, encouraging carefree indulgence and the ultimate place to rendezvous under the Italian sun. Also, visitors come from yachts and neighboring hotels, which are open to non-hotel guests, and the beach club is the meeting place of choice for long, lazy lunches created by Chef Pasquale Cuomo. The menu emphasizes fresh, locally sourced produce with great Italian flavors, including aubergine parmigiana, lobster pasta, and salt-crusted catch of the day. Da Gioia by La Palma offers 42 sun loungers and a private beach that can accommodate up to eight guests, serviced by a dedicated team. From the second week of June, Da Gioia will be open every Thursday – Saturday during aperitif time and dinner.


Hotel La Palma also has a rooftop pool, overlooked by the elegant and understated Aqua Bar, a tribute to the ‘classic Capri’ from the glamorous golden age. Aqua—for the exclusive use of hotel guests—offers an interesting and innovative cocktail menu paired with light and healthy creations by Chef Esposito.