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Las Catalinas Announces Montaña Flats for Sale in El Prado

Town’s Second Phase of Development includes Neighborhood of 38 Flats

At the end of 2022, the car-free seaside town of Las Catalinas in the northwestern province of Costa Rica completed its Beach Town neighborhood after 16 years of planning and construction. In 2o22 The Congress for New Urbanism celebrated Beach Town with a Charter Award recognizing the town for achieving “more equitable, sustainable, connected, healthy, and prosperous communities.” With friendly neighborhoods, walkable streets and plazas, and timeless architecture, Beach Town spreads over 21 acres combining leisure and urban living with an emphasis on the natural surroundings.

The philosophy of connecting people to one another and to nature extends to the town’s next phase – the neighborhood of El Prado located adjacent to Beach Town on the east side of Camino Las Catalinas. Complete with a grand Parque Central with playing fields, tennis courts, a covered basketball/multisport court, neighborhood pool, charming pedestrian side streets, beautiful facades, world-class amenities, offices and businesses, balconies and porches, dramatic hillside views, and a series of spectacular pedestrian stair streets with fantastic views in the upper areas reminiscent of the Mediterranean, El Prado spans 60 acres of area that will provide an estimated 500-600 residences over a variety of living options including flats and townhouses, houses along pedestrian stair streets, and several lots for larger houses.  Many of the residences will have panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. In addition to completing infrastructure construction, Las Catalinas announces over 40 residences including 25 Lantana Residences, 22 Terraced Flats, and a 67,800 square foot commercial center, La Rambla have begun vertical construction in El Prado.

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that Las Catalinas announces the next neighborhood called Montaña Flats in El Prado that will feature 38 one, two, and three-bedroom flats integrated into the hillside of El Prado and adjacent to 60,000 square feet of mixed-use buildings, plentiful parks, and plazas, and surrounded by 40 kilometers of hiking and mountain biking trails. Cascading from a peak sixty meters above sea level, the Montaña Flats offer spectacular ocean views from nearly every unit. A funicular provides access to multiple plaza levels climbing into the hillside allowing owners and their guests easy access. For floorplans and pricing visit https://news.lascatalinascr.com/montana