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Less is More: Visiting the Stunning Selection of Hidden Beaches in Croatia

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Croatia is famous for its numerous attractions. From Diocletian’s Palace and the Pula Arena to the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik and Saint Dominus Cathedral, variety is indeed the spice of life. However, you might not be aware that Croatia is also home to a kaleidoscope of spectacular beaches.

What are some lesser-known strips of sand, and why are these great options if you do not wish to deal with mainstream destinations laden with tourists? We will take a quick look at four stunning possibilities, as well as what each has in store.


The best things in life can require a bit of effort, and the beaches of Barbariga certainly fit into this category. Barbariga is found relatively close to the Brijuni Islands, and on most days, you will encounter only a handful of bathers (many of these tend to be local residents). Those who are planning a day trip here can also visit a nearby bar for refreshing cocktails before soaking up the sun.

Betina Špilja

This next stretch of coastline is located only a short drive from the city of Betina Špilja. However, Betina Špilja is unique in the fact that it can only be accessed by sea. You will therefore not be hounded by tourists; a nice touch when taking a break from the mainstream sights. The best way to access this location, therefore, involves contacting a company offering professional yacht charter in Croatia. You can thereafter charter a boat based on factors such as the number of people, accommodations, and the type of vessel.


In terms of exclusion, most will agree that Gradac represents a dream come true. Although you will not find many luxury accommodations nearby, a worthwhile trade-off should be noted. Gradac beaches are never clogged with foreign visitors, and on many occasions, it may appear as if you have this entire coastline to yourself. The good news is that anyone who plans on staying overnight can still book reservations at the nearby Hotel Sunce.

Kraljičina Plaža

The shores of Kraljičina Plaža are not found far outside of Zadar (the oldest continually inhabited city in Croatia). Like the other recommendations outlined above, privacy is rarely called into question. Another attractive feature of Kraljičina Plaža involves its relatively shallow waters. When combined with weak currents, this beach could represent the ideal option if you will be arriving here with young children. Other attractions here include public showers, beach bars, and even a stretch of mud that is said to offer healing properties (not bad for those who happen to be suffering from arthritis).

We can now begin to understand why some refer to the beaches of Croatia as the “Mediterranean of Eastern Europe.” Whether travelling here for business or pleasure, always make it a point to visit the locations outlined above. Surf, sun, and sand are all within your reach, regardless of when you happen to be arriving.