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Live Anywhere – 2022 predictions from Airbnb

Brian Chesky for Airbnb

The pandemic has blurred the lines between living, working and travel as more people adopt a work-from-home lifestyle. Key trends Airbnb expects to see include:

  • People will continue to spread out to thousands of towns and cities, and they will stay for weeks, months, or even longer.
  • More people will start living abroad, others will travel for the entire summer, and some will even give up their leases and become digital nomads.
  • Cities and countries will compete to attract these remote workers, and it will lead to a massive redistribution of where people travel and live.

As part of its travel predictions for 2022, Airbnb today announced that its CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Chesky will also be “living anywhere” via Airbnb — staying in people’s homes in new towns and cities every few weeks, while returning to San Francisco in the same way that many remote workers travel.