The Seto Inland Sea in Japan is one of the world’s most exquisite locations…seemingly off the grid, shaped by stunning coastlines and home to over 700 islands to explore. The region of Setouchi is the doorway to the authentic Japan with calm weather, spiritual experiences, rustic fishing ports, adventure prospects and divine views- ideally best explored by luxury chartered yacht.

Addressing the surging demand for safety bubbles and exclusivity in travel, chartered yachts provide the privacy and security that has become priceless for travelers and our curated itineraries cater to travelers wishing to spend time swimming, viewing modern art, tasting and cooking local food, swimming and snorkeling, and connecting with the culture. Slow travel isn’t always the way one identifies with Japan but moving forward, the opportunity for immersion outside of crowded cities, along the sea whilst stopping on land intermittently is shaping the future of travel here.  Setouchi covers 7 prefectures including more recognizable destinations such as Hiroshima and Okayama, it is home to the celebrated Wagyu beef, the freshest sushi and sashimi, celebrated cycling along the 70 km Shimanami Kaido, and an impressive modern art scene bolstered by the renowned Triennale.

With over 700 islands that dot this serene, stunningly beautiful sea, there are a myriad of options for bespoke itineraries…to begin dreaming, consider a jaunt with an artistic and cultural flair where you’ll begin at the seaside resort town of Ushimado, a magnificent landscape verdant with olive groves that brush up against the azure sea. Capture the sunset before setting sail to Shodoshima, believed to be one of the first islands born to the gods in the mythology of Japan, consistently enchanting visitors with its Mediterranean-style scene, impressive gorges for trekking and exploring, and an impressive art scene filled with installations from past festivals that are spread across the island.  Onwards to unique settings such as Teshima for a more rural experience, and Naoshima which is edgy and best known for its modern art  installed by the celebrated Benesse Corporation, special museums and unique architecture blended with a laid back beachy feel.  Round out the relaxed journey with a visit to Megijima, known as the “Ogre Island” dating back to an ancient legend, a land of caves and peaks for a brief stop en route to settling for the day in Takamatsu, best known for its sprawling impressive Ritsurin Garden replete with koi ponds, a teahouse, impeccably manicured flora and pine forests. Worth a visit before stopping at the hit springs of Shionoe to the south.

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