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Luxury Living in Rustic Areas

Luxury travel can be perceived as different things by different people, but the definition usually comes down to authentic destinations, quality experiences, and comforting accommodations. Today’s luxury traveler seeks more depth of understanding and immersion into the local culture than ever before, craving a balance of plush beds and rugged activities in the plains, mountains and outback. People don’t just want to see – they want to interact with the world and experience something unique.

For the traveler seeking an unforgettable adventure, Merit Travel has rounded up a list of the top experiences for luxury living in rustic areas.

Into the wild – Harry and Meghan may favor Botswana, but this is still a trip fit for a royal

Have you ever wanted to check an open-air jeep ride through the animal kingdom off your bucket list? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Tanzania, where the safari life is unlike any other.

Spend evenings in safari lodges and comfortable tented camps where you’ll witness breathtaking African sunsets while sipping cool drinks. Every day is a new chance to explore as you participate in guided cultural walks and share meals with local families, search for the “big five” in scenic Lake Manyara, visit the Ngorongoro Crater and cross the plains of the Serengeti. Explore the area around the Olduvai Gorge, which has been occupied by humans – and their earliest ancestors – for almost two million years and return to your campsite full of a new perspectives.

Rustic cabin – cozy up to a next-level ski vacation

There’s something so tranquil about being nestled in the mountains, cozied up next to a fire in a wooden lodge. Here in Colorado, you’ll find just that and more.

At the Mountain Lodge in Telluride, you’ll not only find peaceful relaxation, but acres of pristine ski terrain to satisfy just about any ski enthusiast on the planet! The epitome of rustic luxury, the lodge boasts a unique charm while providing guests with luxurious guestrooms and suites designed with soft leather furnishings, rich wood accents and warm interiors. Did we mention the 14,000-foot peaks with piles of fresh powder snow perfect for skiing?

Roughing it – when luxury is defined by the experience itself

Luxury is a personal thing, and for those who are inspired to discover everything the world has to offer, rugged exploration is the highest luxury there is.

Iceland is every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Spend your days trekking amongst mammoth volcanoes, bright green valleys, glacier-cut fjords, black sand beaches, bubbling hot springs and roaring rivers, which are only some of the most distinctive features of the Icelandic landscape. In a fast-paced world that is constantly developing, Iceland’s purity in nature and empty expanses stand out as a luxury to many.

Fully catered – porters and cooks along the trail to cater to every need

Splendid diversity awaits as you embark on a journey through Peru, a country rich in scenic views, endless hikes, and cultural traditions. Eating delicious, well-prepared food while traveling is a luxury many travelers put at the top of their list, and for good reason. With several guided hikes from the Amazon to the Andes, you’re sure to build up a strong appetite while exploring ruins and bargaining at Sacred Valley markets, sampling seafood in Lima, climbing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and spotting unique wildlife at exclusive G Lodge Amazon.

Over the hills and through the woods – when the journey itself is the destination

Discover the Canadian Rockies by rail as you embark on an adventure across the Great White North that’ll make you proud to be a Canuck. Hop onboard the Rocky Mountaineer, a luxury rail service that will whisk you away through the rugged mountains and forests of Canada to a world of incomparable beauty on an unforgettable journey. Your only responsibility is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible view. You’ll travel through the farmlands of the Fraser Valley crossing into the unique desert terrain of Kamloops, witnessing majestic peaks, cascading waterfalls and icy glaciers upon your arrival in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The journey ends in the bustling city of Calgary, home to the famous Stampede.


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