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Malaysia Celebrates World Oceans Day with Leading Conservation Initiatives and New Dive Resort

Tourism Malaysia celebrates World Oceans Day by reaffirming its commitment to marine conservation and sustainable tourism in Southeast Asia’s premier diving destination.

World Oceans Day is a global event that celebrates the oceans’ beauty and significance while recognizing vital conservation efforts. Malaysia’s waters, home to sea turtles, sharks, barracuda, and diverse fish species, are renowned for their rich marine life. Sipadan Island, a world-famous dive site in the Indo-Pacific basin, one of the most biodiverse areas globally with many reef species and 3,000+ fish species.

A new staple for sustainable diving in Malaysia, the YBD Dive Centre offers luxury scuba diving with advanced technology and a conservation focus at the new Perhentian Marriott Resort & Spa on Perhentian Kecil Island in Terengganu. Dive packages include access to a Dive Yacht, certified professionals, PADI courses, and eco-friendly underwater adventures.

Mr. Akbal Setia, Vice President of Tourism Malaysia Americas said, “Malaysia is committed to preserving our destination’s holistic nature and biodiversity. Through sustainable practices and conservation efforts, we strive to protect Malaysia’s marine ecosystems and land-based resources for future generations of locals and visitors.”

Notable marine sustainability projects in Malaysia include:

  • Sipadan Island: Coses annually for a month to allow marine ecosystems to recover.
  • Reef Check Malaysia: Monitors over 300 coral reefs each year and engages in marine conservation and management.
  • MareCet Research Organisation: Uses bioacoustic data to develop mitigation strategies, such as managing boat traffic and deploying pingers to prevent bycatch.
  • Lang Tengah Turtle Watch: Protects endangered sea turtles on Malaysia’s East Coast, saving over 150,000 turtle eggs since 2013.
  • Scuba JunkieEmploys sustainable practices like green waste systems, solar energy, and biodegradable products to protect marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Malaysia offers enticing dive packages:

Celebrate World Oceans Day with Tourism Malaysia by exploring sustainable and eco-luxurious diving experiences.