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Martinique Celebrates Easter With Delicious Decapods

Embark on an extraordinary Easter experience like no other! Amidst the picturesque backdrop of this hidden piece of paradise, Easter in Martinique takes on a delightful twist as its unique traditions are centred around the humble crab. As the rest of the world anticipates bunnies and chocolate eggs, locals in Martinique indulge in a mouthwatering, savoury celebration of everything crustacean. Trust us, with Easter right around the corner, there is no better time to delve into Martinique’s scrumptious culinary traditions. Delectable holiday feasts await on the stunning “Isle of Flowers”, surrounded by breathtaking beaches, sweeping volcanic vistas, and warm island hospitality. 

Crab Easter: An Ancient Tradition

Coined “Crab Matoutou”, this beloved Martinican Easter tradition boasts deep roots in early Caribbean history. Initially prepared by the Arawak and Caribbean peoples, the dish gained prominence during the era of European settlement, despite early dismissal by settlers. Crabs quickly emerged as a vital source of protein, particularly during the Lenten season when meat consumption was restricted. Despite its humble beginnings, Crab Matoutou has triumphed over hardship, and become a heartwarming symbol of resilience and celebration enjoyed by all Martinicans during the Easter season. 

Savour the Essence of Easter

Picture succulent crabs, bathed in a fragrant symphony of fresh garlic, shallots and onions – all resting amidst a bed of fluffy long-grain rice infused with hints of crisp tomatoes, zesty lime and aromatic herbs. The gentle heat of hot chilli peppers adds a subtle touch of flavour, promptly followed by notes of vibrant bay leaves and warm cinnamon cloves to awaken your palate. As you savour each spoonful, the masterful balance of local spices and seasonings creates an elite dining experience that will surely leave you craving more. Sophisticated like the ambience of the island yet relaxed and comforting like the locals who prepare it, Crab Matoutou is a remarkable dish that gathers hundreds around their tables, united in their appreciation for this rich, impeccably seasoned Easter classic.

Folklore and Festivities

Easter in Martinique is a colourful celebration deeply rooted in Caribbean culture. Weeks before Easter Sunday, buzzing locals prepare for the renowned crab feasts featuring thrilling crab curry contests and races. All families are encouraged to observe awe-inspiring religious traditions at local Good Friday masses and profound pilgrimages. Come Easter Monday, the festivities progress to the shore, notably beachside picnics, where the air is filled with joyous chatter along with the aroma of freshly cooked crab. With this blend of tradition, modern culinary experiences and stunning coastlines, Easter in Martinique promises an unforgettable holiday experience. Discover the marvels of Easter in Martinique and start planning your escape today! Explore the rich culture, enchanting landscapes and exciting activities this Caribbean gem has to offer this Easter season. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime – begin booking your trip now at https://www.martinique.org/en. After all, with such delectable treats awaiting you, it only begs one question: is your mouth watering yet?