We could all use a bit of feel-good activity heading into the weekend – how about getting acquainted with some a of Australia’s newest and most notable animals?

  • Alice Springs Desert Park has recently welcomed two new Thorny Devils, who have hatched after a 108-day incubation period. These animals are native to the Outback, drink water through their scales by standing on damp sand, and eat up to 5,000 ants per meal.
  • Hangout in real time with the newest additions to Australia’s zoos through livestreams of snow leopard cubs at Melbourne Zoo and koala joeys at Lone Pine Animal Sanctuary.
  • Indulge in a laugh with this hilarious video of the Phillip Island penguin colony’s nightly parade to their burrows, with excellent commentary by BBC sports legend Andrew Cotter.
  • If you missed last weekend’s Live from Aus stream, check out the Australia YouTube page for kangaroo feedings, koala Q&As, an underwater tour of the Great Barrier Reef and more family-friendly programming available now to watch on-demand.

And if you’re using this time at home to plan your first big trip when the time is right to travel again, check out the best places to meet Australia’s cutest animals for inspiration for your dream itinerary.

Looking for more cute and adorable??

Check out 100 of the best animal sanctuaries to visit, volunteer or follow. This group of ethical zoos, sanctuaries make a great stop on a traveling trip and some rescues have even been founded by former travelers. 


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