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Meet the Couple Who Flew Around The World in Business and First Class Using Points — and Paid Less Than $2,200 for $55,000 Worth of Airfare

Alex Miller, the founder of UpgradedPoints.com, and his wife Erin are committed to showing people how to maximize travel reward points and experience incredible adventures.

Erin & Alex Miller from UpgradedPoints.com Enjoying Singapore Suites! (PRNewsfoto/UpgradedPoints.com)

The team behind Upgraded Points (https://upgradedpoints.com/) doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to saving lots of cash while traveling; Alex and Erin recently put their bold strategies into practice by taking an unforgettable trip around the world. Flying business and first class on top-rated airlines, Alex and Erin spent a total of only $2,173 on tickets that normally would have cost over $55,000. And they did this all by leveraging the power of reward points and miles.

“Anyone can travel for pennies on the dollar with points,” says Alex. “At Upgraded Points, we’re assembling a library’s worth of free resources to show you how. Our team carefully researches every bit of content before publication to ensure quality and reliability, and to give our readers the best information possible.”

The Millers embarked on their remarkable three week adventure in early October 2017, departing from Austin, Texas. The couple spent time in amazing settings like SingaporeSaigonMelbourne and Dubai, staying at various luxury hotels. They flew on some of the world’s elite airlines, including Emirates, Etihad and Singapore Airlines.

Six separate credit cards were used for Alex and Erin’s trip: The Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Business Preferred, The Platinum Card from American Express, AMEX OPEN Business Gold Rewards and the AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (Personal and Business Card).

Collectively, these cards provided 311,000 reward miles that reduced airfare charges by about 95%. Other numbers reveal just how remarkable this trip was from a logistics perspective. The couple spent 54 hours flying “butt-in-seat”, travelling over 28,000 miles, which is slightly more than the Earth’s circumference.

“We don’t expect anyone to replicate our trip, though they’re certainly able to or even just replicate one of the routes we flew,” concludes Alex. “Travelers can save quite a sum on even a modest vacation, and all those savings can help make a trip that might otherwise be out of reach totally affordable.”

In the future, Upgraded Points will be rolling out content geared toward families looking to save money on airfare and hotels at family-friendly destinations such as Disney World.


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