Developed by 22-year old entrepreneur Ari Hirsch, InstaSteam is the world’s first hands-free, electricity-free clothing steamer that smoothes wrinkles and deodorizes in as little as 3 minutes using mineral-based, non-toxic ingredients. During a post-high school year abroad, with no travel steamer or dry cleaner nearby, InstaSteam Founder/ Creator Ari Hirsch resorted to using his dorm room iron that left his garment badly burned. Determined to find a better way, he began brainstorming what would soon become an effortless, portable option that empowers everyone to “look fresh wherever, whenever.”

“Like any great product,” explains Hirsch, “It all started with an idea: a garment bag that could steam my clothes, so they’re ready to go when I arrive at my destination.” 

What began as nothing more than a futuristic concept in 2018 launched as InstaSteam just one year later. Now, the first-of-its-kind, eco-friendly invention featured on the Home Shopping Network among “innovative ideas that make life easier” is expanding into multiple retailers worldwide. While this cost-effective, disposable system was developed with travel in mind, it also happens to be an ideal no-contact method for customers seeking a safer at-home garment cleaning solution. In a rush to look fresh? There’s no longer an excuse for showing up looking like your mommy dressed you. Anytime, anywhere, simply hang garment, add water to the InstaSteam mineral pouch, insert, zip… and dress to impress in as little as 3 minutes!

No stranger to business-building, Hirsch grew up watching his parents run multiple entrepreneurial ventures. All he needed was a great idea and, with a natural passion for dressing well, InstaSteam seemed like the perfect starting point. In fact, he carries a book filled with lists of creative inventions, and he considers InstaSteam only the first of an ever-expanding collection of innovative products to come. He is also passionate about sharing with fellow entrepreneurs the expertise gained along the journey from concept to company. These lessons include insights into prototype development – a process Hirsch managed in-between college classes – finding or securing investors, and navigating sudden market changes (such as those that accompanied the arrival of COVID-19).  Shop InstaSteam at and on


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