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Renowned Québécois Chef Stéphane Modat Joins MSC Poesia’s World Cruise for a Culinary Journey this April

MSC Cruises Canada is delighted to announce the addition of celebrated Québécois Chef Stéphane Modat to its prestigious lineup of culinary talents on board MSC Poesia’s World Cruise. Chef Modat will be on board MSC Poesia from April 8 to April 12, 2024, creating his culinary dishes together with MSC Poesia’s culinary team. On Thursday, April 11th, guests will be treated to an unforgettable culinary experience, exclusively curated for the occasion by Chef Modat while docked at the Port of Quebec in Quebec City. During the exclusive dinner, guests will have the chance to meet the famed chef as he interacts with them.

Chef Modat, renowned for his innovative approach to Quebecois cuisine, will craft a bespoke menu showcasing the rich terroir of Canada. Drawing inspiration from his French heritage and a commitment to locally sourced ingredients, Chef Modat promises to tantalize guests’ taste buds with an authentic and inventive culinary journey.

“Participating in the MSC Poesia’s World Cruise presents an amazing chance to introduce guests worldwide to the diverse and delectable flavours of Canada,” said Chef Stéphane Modat. “I’m genuinely excited to highlight the richness of our land and sea, crafting dining experiences that capture the true essence of Canadian cuisine, with a special nod to the culinary heritage of Quebec. It’s a cuisine often overlooked yet filled with culinary treasures waiting to be discovered.”

Chef Modat, the chef-owner of Le Clan restaurant in Old Quebec, has been deeply rooted in the Quebec region for over 20 years. Originally from France, he followed his culinary passions to Quebec in 2000, where he swiftly made his mark on the city’s vibrant gastronomic landscape. Collaborating with MSC chefs, Chef Modat will curate a menu featuring three to four dishes infused with flavours inspired from his native country. Guests on board the ship will have the opportunity to meet Chef Modat in person while savouring his culinary creations at the main restaurants, elevating their dining experience to a new level of distinction during this extraordinary culinary voyage.

As MSC Poesia circles the globe, exploring 52 destinations across 31 countries, guests can anticipate an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Throughout the voyage, MSC Cruises has welcomed renowned chefs on board in various ports, enriching the onboard culinary offering. For those still yearning to embark on a culinary adventure, limited cabins are available for shorter segments of the 2024 MSC World Cruise.

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