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Must Have Apps Every Traveler Should Download for Next Trip

Photo by Vojta Kovařík

Traveling becomes easy when you have the right travel applications. But what are the must-have travel apps that you can use on your next trip?

In this article, we have listed 15 best travel apps that every traveler should install on their devices. Some of them will help you find the best experiences in the city, others will help you find the cheap hotels.

What Travel Apps Do I Need? 

While traveling with a family or alone, it is necessary to have some applications for comfort. They include local maps, call recorders, booking apps, internet connections, and food apps. 

Applications that support your communication, accommodation, and traveling roads are necessary while visiting a foreign country. 

15 Must-Have Apps For Every Traveler 

Understanding this, we have listed 15 of the best apps. You can install and use it while traveling.

City Mapper

This application allows you to find the fastest route to your destination, combined with step-by-step instructions on the local bus and train stations. It can be your traveling partner with real-time routing updates with the expected arrival time. 

Pack Point

Now you can make packing more straightforward with this application by creating a customized list of your needs. It allows you to enter complete details about your travel and activities you perform for long-term memories. It has features like weather forecasts and sharing your packing list with fellow travelers. 

Call Recorder For iPhone

Call Recorder is one of the best apps for travel for people with business backgrounds. Now you can record calls with this application and use it later to avoid losing information while traveling. 

You can view in app store more details about this app. The app is free; you can subscribe to the premium version when required. With a call recorder, you can record business calls during your vacation and later use them while working. 


With this application, you can connect with your friends and family without an Internet connection. It connects to the local phone lines and provides cheap calls in 51 countries without buying a local sim card. 


If you are interested in hiking, biking, and running trains, this app is best suited to finding suitable locations and examining the trail quality. It also includes reviews and photos from previous users to understand the vacation spot and what to pack for your adventure. 


This application helps you to find a suitable hotel while you are honored with a long layover. It provides options with a 75% discount for a few hours of stay. It covers nearly 7500 hotels in 26 different countries. It also offers free last-minute cancellations.


This application helps you find the best time to avail cheapest flight fares and save up to 40% while booking. 

The app has a price monitoring feature that allows you to select flights for a decent price range and receive alerts during a drop. It provides amenities for nearly 250 airlines, and you can receive alerts for air flash sales. 

Nike Training Club

Maintaining your Physical health is a necessity while traveling. With this application, you now have the option to try out hundreds of free workouts and a personal trainer. Of your technique and have personalized training plans while traveling around. 


To have great food in the airport, use this grab application. You can check out the required food selections available near your gate. It offers an option for pre-orders in nearly 60 global airports. Pre-ordering your mail allows you to pick up the item on the way and have options during your trip.  


While taking a road trip, you must find the cheapest gas stations. This application allows you to filter the best gas station by location, brand, and amenities. It also offers deals with the nearby convenience Store and receives the best price alerts while traveling. 


Are you searching for local events that are happening in your destination? If yes, install this application to get a list of local attractions and events in popular cities globally. 

From Las Vegas to Dubai, this app lists all exciting activities like yoga in the hills and helicopter tours, with last-minute offers on the tickets. 


Instead of a hotel, some people prefer visiting hostels and B&Bs while traveling through new countries. 

You can find thousands of hostels and B&B locations in nearly 178 countries. It is suitable for Solo Travellers, and you can meet new people while traveling with this hostel-finding application. It has a built-in translating feature to communicate while traveling around. 


Understanding the weather while traveling can help you make well-established arrangements like packing a sweater or umbrella. 

This application allows you to receive weather forecasts for many locations. From lightning to snowfall, this application has specific maps that help you track the weather details and understand the changes through instant alerts. 


All these applications are the basic needs for making your travel better and worth the money. 

Applications like Call Recorder help you enjoy rather than look after business even while on vacation. So install them on your mobile phone and have a memorable trip while going on a trip.