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Never Get Bored: Portable Travel Activities For The Road

The internet changed traveling in many ways, making it safer and easier for us to find our way around. Above all else, it made sure that we can never get bored if we have a device and a stable internet connection.

While an internet connection isn’t always a guarantee, it’s available more than not in developed countries and it’s possible to download some activities beforehand. Here are some of those portable travel activities that you can do on your smartphone or laptop.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Watch Live Content

First, having an internet connection connects users to a lot of online content with the most engaging being live. Live content demands interaction, so it’s great for long journeys or passing time when you may get bored. Livestreams vary from passive entertainment on sites like YouTube to online puzzles and tasks. iGaming has a lot of popular live games, including familiar names like Live MONOPOLY that use real money stakes that are guaranteed to keep a user’s attention.

Live content can be as passive or active as you want it to be. If you’re busy driving for travel, it can involve listening to news or commentary, or details about the local area that will be important on your journey. Facebook Live is great for finding livestreams that interest you, including livestreams from fellow travelers nearby sometimes. If your travels may interest friends and others, you could even stream yourself by following HubSpot’s Facebook Live guide. The biggest drawback of live content is that it needs an internet connection.

Read Books Online

Like with traveling itself, reading has been changed by the internet and the devices we use for it. Where travelers in the past may have had to take physical books, we can have hundreds downloaded to a device through services like Amazon Kindle and their Audible service that allows us to listen to books read by stars.

Image by Gerd Altmann

So, if reading is important for you, you should download books before you head off. Some services offer online subscriptions to access content while other audiobooks can be found online for free, but the most reliable way to read is to download them to your device. Then they can be accessed anywhere, from the trail to the train, with no worries.

Take Up Photography

While mileage may vary, bringing a camera is a great way of staving off boredom if you can make a hobby out of it. It works more in natural settings, at least for the average person, though there are urban photographers that snap people and cultural oddities from all around the world. Your smartphone probably has a photography-grade camera already, though you could also invest in a dedicated camera. With that in your hands, you’re more likely to spend downtime looking for interesting and pleasing shots you can take.

The photos will be a great way to remember your travels. Also, through the magic of the internet, you can upload and share them with friends online. If you do it consistently enough, you could build a portfolio of shots, build a social media following, and use them as a side gig to earn money on your travels. Services exist to help photographers organize their work, like Canva and site builders.

With these three activities, you can engage with them casually or seriously. While all are a great source of entertainment, certain live or written content can be very informative, especially if focusing on non-fiction. Then photography is a hobby that can be transitioned into a social media following and, if you earn from it, you could use that to recover travel costs. No matter what you do with these, you won’t be bored.