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New Exclusive Helicopter Excursion to Antarctica’s Snow Hill Island

Emperor Penguins
Photo by Ian Parker

For the first time, ultra-luxury discovery yacht Scenic Eclipse is offering guests the exclusive opportunity to embark on a unique helicopter excursion to witness first-hand the incredible 5,000 breeding pairs of Emperor penguins of Snow Hill Island. A colony that was only discovered in the 90’s and situated on the brink of the Antarctic Circle, Snow Hill Island is only accessible by helicopter. Scenic is one of the only cruise lines able to facilitate this rare once in a lifetime moment for guests visiting this region of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Boasting soaring high icebergs and impenetrable walls of Weddell Sea ice, this remote location is often only visited by scientists. From December 2022, subject to weather and operational conditions, guests (chosen in order of suite level) on board Scenic Eclipse’s 15/16-day Antarctica & The Weddell Sea voyage will have the chance to be some of the few to experience the excursion. Designed by experts in polar expeditions, this brand-new experience gives guests the rare opportunity to witness these magnificent penguins in their natural habitat.

The new excursion has been meticulously planned to coincide with the end of the breeding season, marking the perfect time to spot downy chicks as they shed fluffy grey feathers and prepare for their first forays into the Antarctic Ocean. Guests can watch the chicks’ parents waddle out to sea to hunt, their iridescent orange ear patches glinting in the polar sun.

Every once in a while, new experiences come along that truly raise the bar in cruising and this is one of them. Emperor penguins themselves are a rare sight. Despite being a top Antarctic wildlife attraction, they are a near-endangered species only found in a few specific locations and seasons. This new experience comes hot on the heels of the recently added submarine dives in South Georgia Islands, which see guests witness a diversity of rich marine life unlike anywhere else in the world in an unforgettable way.

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