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NEW Manta Sleep Mask with SOUND

The Manta Sleep Mask SOUND gives you complete control over the two senses that have the biggest impact on your sleep quality: sight and sound. Optimized for side sleep comfort, the razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones are nestled within a ventilated strap — while the C-shaped eye cups ensure zero eye pressure and a perfect blackout seal without bulk. The result: unmatched comfort as you listen to the sounds that soothe you — so you get the best sleep you’re capable of.

Manta SOUND’s unique razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones are nestled in a curved strap that perfectly covers both your eyes and ears — so you’re completely immersed in your own private oasis and sheltered from outside noise. Perfect for music, meditation or any sound that soothes you. Manta SOUND’s audio experience is 100% optimized for ultra-peaceful, deep sleep. Unlike most Bluetooth® masks, SOUND will never interrupt your sleep with a battery notification. What’s more, SOUND features a 20-hour battery life (twice the leading competition). So it’s always ready to help you drift off to sleep — and stay asleep.

Each speaker is about as thin as a yoga mat — so you can’t feel them at all, even when you’re on your side. Manta Sleep Mask SOUND’s C-shaped eye cups also sit completely flat against your temple, giving you zero eye pressure and true 100% blackout as you lie on your side. The mask’s eye cups also feature a smart “air bubble” that expands to keep light out when switching positions, and compresses flat when you lie on your side. So you get a perfect blackout seal with none of the bulk.

Manta Sleep Mask SOUND is also created with soft, perforated materials to maximize airflow and ventilation. This keeps you cool throughout the night. It’s the most comfortable Bluetooth® mask on the market. And unlike most audio masks, SOUND’s Bluetooth® headphones are easily adjustable — even while you’re wearing the mask. Simply pull the convenient tabs on the sides of your mask to position them just right. The mask is also easily washable, thanks to its unique 2-layer strap design. Simply peel off the outer layer which houses the electronics, and machine wash the inner layer.

The sleep mask is also infinitely adjustable for a personalized-for-your-face fit. You can fine-tune every aspect of your mask — from the tightness of the head strap to the position of the eye cups and the placement of the headphones — for a seamless, super-comfortable fit that stays put all through the night. mantasleep.com.