With New Year’s Day only a week and a half away, it’s time you begin planning the year to come. This year has all things considered, been absolutely awful. With lockdown restrictions still in place and no credible vaccine in sight, it’s fair to say next year will be too. However, with the knowledge that we may be locked down and that our movement may be restricted, you can prepare, improve efficiency, and have a better time. One such way for you to do this is with a calendar – which is what this article will tell you about.

Yes, this article will tell you a few ways with which you can create a calendar and stick to it. We hope the tips listed here will help you to create your own calendar and improve your efficiency tenfold!

Here is how to plan for the year ahead with a calendar!

Write Important Personal Dates a Year Ahead

The first stage of planning for the year ahead is to begin planning personal dates and writing them down on your calendar. It’s often the case that when our anniversary, our partner’s or friend’s birthday, or a special occasion comes around that we have forgotten and have to feign knowledge of the occasion a day or two before and hurriedly go to a shop to pick up a gift. By planning important personal dates a year ahead, you will ensure this never happens again and that you will be equipped for every holiday date. Yes, create a calendar to plan for holidays and you’ll never upset a relative by forgetting again! Write everything down at the start of the year.

Hospital Appointments, Doctors Appointments, and Healthcare

If you have a number of hospitals, healthcare, or doctors appointments to remember in the coming year, write them down beforehand. Keep it up, too. Every single time you receive an appointment date, then write down the dates in your calendar. Keep your calendar up to date with your appointments. If you live in a country that does not have government-healthcare, then you will accrue interest and fees by missing your appointments.

Dates, Appointments, and Meetings

If you are a busy person, we recommend you begin writing down your dates, appointments, and your meetings immediately. Rather than having to remember them or carrying the dates around on scraps of paper in your pocket, write them in your calendar. Your calendar can be physically hung on your wall or you can carry it around in your pocket on your phone. Keeping your dates, appointments, and meetings are very important, lest you come across as unprofessional, disinterested, and lazy. Write them down!


Chores are another thing that you should write down in your calendar and keep fixed. This will ensure that you are able to adhere to your chores and to not miss them. Keep your chores written down at fixed times so you can create a regimented lifestyle. There are many benefits that one can derive from a regimented and fixed lifestyle. Writing your chores down will ensure that you do not live a sedentary lifestyle, nor one that is random and not fixed. Write your chores down, we assure you that it will benefit you and you will reap the rewards.


Exercise at fixed times. Prioritize your exercise and stick to them! Just like with your chores, you will create a regimented lifestyle that will benefit you massively. Always exercise at the same time every day – or whatever days you decide to exercise. Never deviate from this, for it will cause chaos in your lifestyle. You can derive great benefit from fixing your exercise times. Exercise is important and will ensure you remain healthy and fit. Always keep your exercise times and dates written down so as to ensure you continue to exercise and do not become lazy and sedentary.

Meal Times

You should also write your meal times down and stick to them. Never miss a meal. There is a great benefit that can be had from adhering to a regimented routine of mealtimes. Sticking to your meal times will create order in your life. Order is essential to a relaxing and easy lifestyle. You do not want to be a person who has a chaotic and unpredictable life – for they are very inefficient. If you want efficiency, write everything down and stick to it. Plan your meals carefully, too. Know what you are making a week before you make it.

In this article, we hope to have explained how to effectively create a calendar. There are, as we have demonstrated, an almost infinite number of benefits to creating a calendar. We hope you have learnt something from this article and that you will be ready to incorporate a calendar into your life!


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