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New Zealand wants to help turn disappointments from 2020 into a Forest of Hope

New Zealand Forset of Hope

It’s been a tough year, with cancellations, postponements, missed weddings, graduations, birthdays and celebrations. As the first country in the world to welcome in 2021, New Zealand plans on ensuring the year starts off right with a dose of positivity.

For the month of December, Tourism New Zealand will be partnering with Trees That Count to build a Forest of Hope for 2021. With trees as a natural symbol of life and growth, the Forest of Hope is a way for people to say goodbye to this year’s disappointments and plant a seed of hope to look forward to better times ahead in 2021.

For every disappointment shared with Tourism New Zealand between December 1 and December 31, 2020, a native Kiwi tree will be planted along the iconic Queenstown bike trail in the Southland, or among the Wiapoua Forest in the Northland. Once the borders open, and New Zealand is able to welcome visitors again, people will be able to visit the tree they helped grow.

By joining this movement and contributing to this initiative, the lasting impact will be felt not only in New Zealand but the climate the world over, as planting native trees is one of the best actions we can take to improve the environment and tackle climate change. Give a gift of a tree this year to a friend, give back to yourself, or simply give back to the environment by purchasing a tree.

Readers can share their disappointments from the year on the Tourism New Zealand website, and follow along on social media using #NZForestofHope


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