Just less than an hour from Bali, NIHI Sumba, is renowned for the natural beauty of its remote location, providing a stunning environment and world-class facilities for equestrian activities, including horse whispering and horse surfing at the resort’s own stables. 

Each morning horses are released from Sandalwood stables to gallop freely along the 2.5km beach and swim in the sea. It is a truly awesome sight and in 2021 NIHI is renewing the invitation to its guests to be part of the herd and develop a deeper connection with the horses and with themselves. The people of Sumba believe their soul is connected to the horse and the horse is “The Soul of Sumba.”

Horses are highly intelligent and majestic creatures and play an important role in Sumbanese culture and human therapy work worldwide.  They have been used for therapeutic purposes since the time of the ancient Greeks when Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the “Father of Medicine,” wrote about the therapeutic potential of horseback riding and where better to experience this than the wild beach of Nihiwatu.

Horses require peace and a sense of calm when handling and under the guidance of horse whisper Carol Sharpe Nihi guests are invited to soften their steps and be absorbed by the innate wisdom and soothing nature of the horse. Whether you are a passionate horseperson or simply a lover of nature and wildlife, this new invitation will open your eyes to the beauty of Sumba’s most famous wild residents.

Groundwork and Riding Experience:

Horses look for strong leadership within their herd and Nihi invite you to be part of this special relationship by learning how to guide your horse with purely your voice and energy. Fully immerse yourself in the interactive activities to reveal a greater understanding of interpersonal dynamics through the eyes of a horse – resulting in an incredible sense of empowerment and self-confidence. There is nothing quite like the feeling of commanding respect of an animal such as this – and the benefits to humans are vast – from reducing blood pressure to helping to calm physical symptoms of conditions such as anxiety and stress. 

With the riding element Nihi invite guests to collaborate on a deeper level with the horses and be guided through interactive activities both on and off your horse. Suitable for guests with some riding experience this is an utterly unique experience. 


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