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Open House Rome: Palazzo Ripetta to showcase unseen art work by Italian Sculptor, Giacomo Manzù

This April, Palazzo Ripetta will be participating in Open House Rome, an annual event which opens the doors to some of the city’s most architectural and fascinating buildings.

Palazzo Ripetta boasts an extraordinary private collection of contemporary works of art, including work by Giacomo Manzù, famous Italian sculptor born in 1908, who has been professionally active all his life long until his death in 1991, to whom an exhibition will be dedicated during the weekends of 6 – 14 April 2024. Part of Manzù’s private collection, will be on display for the first time at Palazzo Ripetta, such as “Busto di Inge”, “Idea per un monumento” and “Amanti”.

The exhibition will kick off with an introductory talk by Professor Barbara Cinelli, Dr. Maria Sole Cardulli and Giulia Manzù, daughter of the esteemed artist, providing attendees with insights into Manzù’s life, work, and the context surrounding the art work on display.

During this event and in a bid to foster emerging talent, students from a local Academy will be involved to reinterpret the work “Il Cardinale” by Manzù according to their own point of view and using the techniques and tools (including digital) that represent them.

On April 14, a commission (composed, among others, of Dr. Giulia Manzoni and Dr. Maria Sole Cardulli) will nominate the work that has most been able to look at “The Cardinal” with new eyes. The selected work will be exhibited at the prestigious Manzù Foundation, giving life to an exhibition that celebrates the conjunction between artistic tradition and contemporary innovation.

This event has been created in cooperation with Banca Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking who has always been supporting contemporary Italian art and artists in different occasions: they strongly share with Palazzo Ripetta the belief that culture – in particular the art one – is a tool to boost economy and improve the people and territory’s life quality.

Guided tours will also be available for guests, offering a deeper exploration of the exhibited artworks, the rich history of Palazzo Ripetta and its own private art collection, which showcases two works of art by artist Bruno Liberatore, the extraordinary Sphere created by Arnaldo Pomodoro and sculptures created by Sinisca. Paintings by pioneers of 1980s American street art, Michael Lawrence Marrow and Angel Ortiz.

Visit https://www.openhouseroma.org/sito/palazzo-ripetta for details on access and timings for the exhibition.