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Pet-Friendly RV Adventures in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is fun to visit year-round. The city has many attractions for man and beast, both indoors and outdoors.

You probably associate Las Vegas with casinos, fine dining, spectacular shows, and high fashion shops. It is indeed the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” However, it is also a fun destination when traveling with your four-legged friend.

You and your constant companion can enjoy an unforgettable adventure with a little forward-thinking. Here are some ideas for your pet-friendly RV adventure in Las Vegas.

RV Adventure Itinerary

Once you hit the road in an RV, anything goes. The roadways are wide enough to fit all kinds of RVs, so driving around the city should be no problem. If you are on a budget, RV campground prices are more affordable the further you get from the city center. However, if you want the whole pet-friendly Las Vegas experience, you should check out the following places.

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is about a 20-minute drive from the Strip in Las Vegas. It makes for fabulous desert hiking with your pet. There are trails to suit all abilities, and the views from the top are incredible. You need to keep them on a leash, though, and bring poop bags. Bring plenty of water, wear loose clothing, and put on sunscreen as the going can get hot.

When you’ve had your fill of the outdoors, you can kick back and relax in your RV. The Red Rock Canyon Campground is two miles east of the Visitor Center and has six RV Sites. You can park one RV and one vehicle per site. The park provides vault toilets, trashcans, and drinking water. However, electrical, propane, water, or disposal hookup services are not available. 

Sloan Canyon

Another excellent spot for outdoor recreation, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area offers scenic trails with views of the desert landscape. It has some of Southern Nevada’s most ancient and pristine rock art, many of which are found in Petroglyph Canyon.

The best times to visit are spring and fall when temperatures are milder. Summer temperatures reach over 110 degrees, even more in Petroglyph Canyon.

However, pets are not allowed to run free. They must always be on a leash except in a crate or kennel. They are not permitted at all in the Petroglyph Canyon. Be ready to bring your trash with you, so poop bags are a must.

Unfortunately, there are no RV sites within the Sloan Canyon NCA. Your best bet is Canyon Trail RV Park, a 15-minute drive via the I-11 N. The Red Rock Canyon Campgrounds is also within a reasonable drive, about a 38-minute drive via I-215 W and County Rd 215 W.

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is in the Mojave Desert, known for its red sandstone formations, petroglyphs, and unique geological features. The park has numerous hiking trails, scenic drives, and picnic areas for everyone to enjoy, and it is pet-friendly. However, you must always keep your pets on a leash.

The best time to visit is between October and April when the temperatures are between 50°F and 70°F. If you want to go camping, find a spot at Atlatl Rock Campground, which has RV hookups. The campsites are first-come, first-served, so go early.

Las Vegas Strip

Are you looking for something to do without worrying about bugs or snakes? Between 5 a.m. and noon, you can meander down the renowned Las Vegas Strip with your leashed pet. It’s practically an urban hike, a seven-mile stretch between Sunset Avenue and Sahara Road. You can enter the Fashion Show Mall to get out of the sun. There are lots of retail therapy opportunities for you and your pup.

You don’t have to worry about parking. You can apply for a short-term RV permit online to park on the street, which is good for 48 hours. Suppose you want to stay longer than that. You can apply for an additional permit within 72 hours after your short-term permit expires. 

Whine and dine

Are you and your pet getting hungry after all that walking and running? Las Vegas has some pretty good offerings for pet owners, at least those with dogs. One of them is the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar in Town Square. It offers special menu items like chicken or beef bowls with rice and veggies for dogs. You can also go for the ultimate Pepper’s Play Pack, like a doggie Happy Meal.

Big Dog’s Brewing Co. is another pet-friendly restaurant, evidenced by the giant dog statue. It doesn’t have a dog menu, but you can share your burger as you satisfy your thirst for al fresco. The Crown and Anchor Pub is a traditional British pub with an outdoor space with trees and grass, perfect for your pup and you to unwind.

If you’re feeling indulgent, visit the Three Dog Bakery. It is a pet bakery that offers freshly made products that are safe for human consumption. You can also find packaged dog food and other products.

Tips for RV Adventuring With Your Pet

Nothing beats an RV when you want to go on a freewheeling adventure with your pet in Las Vegas. It’s a surprisingly pet-friendly destination for RVers. You can even get a chance to win some goodies by entering the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine photo contest.

That does not mean you can only go if you have an RV. Buying and maintaining one can be expensive. A pet-friendly RV rental in Las Vegas is more practical, especially from a company like RVshare that offers 24/7 roadside assistance. 

RVshare will connect you with RV owners who will deliver the vehicle to your doorstep or final destination for a fee. These privately owned RVs typically include homey essentials like kitchen utensils and linens. 

Before you go, here are some tips to make the trip fun for everyone.

Plan your trip

When traveling with your furry friend, it is crucial to research ahead of time, such as mapping out pet-friendly campsites. For example, Valley of Fire State Park allows leashed pets. You can also check out the many dog parks in Las Vegas for a satisfying romp.

One is the Desert Breeze Dog Park, which separates dogs by size so your furry friend can enjoy the trees, grass, and other dogs without a leash and fear. For humans, the park offers tables, benches, and chairs. You can sit and relax while your best bud burns off that energy. You can buy doggie bags inside the park if you run out.

Other dog parks include the following:

  • Floyd Lamb State Park
  • Lorenzi Park
  • All American Park
  • Barkin’ Basin Park
  • Desert Inn Dog Park
  • Dog Fancier’s Park
  • Molasky Park Dog Run
  • Shadow Rock Dog Park
  • Silverado Ranch Park Dog Park
  • Sunset Park Dog Run
  • Woofter Park

Keep your pet comfortable

Depending on the time of year and if you plan to leave your pet in the RV for any length of time, you need to keep them in a comfortable environment. Choose campgrounds with a lot of shade and good airflow to keep the RV cool.

You should also ensure the peak ambient temperature doesn’t exceed 70 degrees. The temperature inside an RV can rise nearly 20 degrees in ten minutes or less on hot days. Keep in mind that the temperature inside is likely much hotter than it is outside. Always run a fan if you leave your pet in the RV. 

Do test runs

The more you practice taking your pet on RVing adventures, the better. Take short weekend trips first to iron out any kinks before you embark on a more extended adventure. Moreover, traveling might be scary for first-time furry RVers, so opt for shorter trips first.

Test runs will also give you ideas on what to do and what not to do. For example, you should bring familiar items like your pet’s bed and favorite toys to ease any stress they might feel. You will also find out how many poop bags you need to bring on the road, along with other accouterments you take for granted when at home. This RV camping checklist for pets will ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Prepare for the worst

It’s not fun to think about, but planning for an injured pet is essential. You should have a first aid kit to treat cuts, scrapes, or gashes on you or your pet. If you can, get pet insurance.

You should also know where to go in case of serious injuries. Lock in the location of local vets in your navigation app so you don’t have to scramble. You can go to the Animal Emergency Service or the Las Vegas Animal Emergency Hospital in Las Vegas.

Finally, it is ideal to have a plan for when your dog escapes your RV. Before hitting the road, you can choose from multiple tracking devices.

A Rover Adventure

RVing in Las Vegas with your pet offers entertainment and adventure beyond the glitz of the Strip. Whether enjoying the city or venturing into the desert, it promises a memorable adventure for pet owners seeking fun with their best buds.