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Phuket Reopens to International Tourism 

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 After many months, countries are now reopening their borders and starting to allow international travel again. Thailand leads from the front, now giving vaccinated travellers the chance to enjoy quarantine-free holidays in Phuket.

Under the Phuket Sandbox program, tourists must fulfil certain conditions, including the requirement to be fully vaccinated and to book SHA+ certified accommodation for the first 14 days of their stay.

As the premier luxury accommodation provider in Phuket, Elite Havens is proud to announce that it boasts the island’s largest selection of SHA+ certified luxury villas for travellers to choose from.

Attaining SHA+ certification is a very thorough and rigorous process, including the requirement for at least 70% of staff to be fully vaccinated. This means Elite Havens’ guests are guaranteed a restful holiday in a beautiful and spacious villa, while being assured of the highest level of Covid-19 safety protocols during their stay.

Femke Beekers, Elite Havens’ Country Manager for Thailand said, “We are very excited to be part of the Phuket Sandbox, opening Thailand to international travel and finally welcoming our guests back to our villas. Elite Havens now has 14 certified SHA+ villas offering the luxury experience our guests are accustomed to. And we’re adding to the list daily.”

Essential Requirements of Phuket Sandbox

Phuket Sandbox is a government initiative to kickstart the tourism economy of Thailand. The program allows fully vaccinated international tourists from an approved list of countries to enjoy exploring Phuket without the need to isolate. After their 14-day stay in SHA+ certified accommodation in Phuket, travellers are allowed to roam across Thailand and visit other provinces. Elite Havens also has ALQ-approved (alternate local quarantine) villas in Koh Samui for guests to visit after Phuket, continuing their Thai vacation in style.

SHA+ Certification

The Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration Plus (SHA+) certification guarantees that an establishment actively complies with the government’s approved Covid-19 health and preventive protocols. In addition, having SHA+ certification means that more than 70% of the staff you will be interacting with has been fully vaccinated. Under The Phuket Sandbox, tourists must book a SHA+ accredited property as part of the requirements for entering Phuket.

SHA+ Certified Villas

It is no secret that the process of attaining SHA+ certification is stringent and meticulous. Adhering to the strictest of protocols and fulfilling all the requirements, Elite Havens is happy to welcome guests in their SHA+ villas for a relaxing stay. Guests will be delighted with the magnificence of the nine-bedroom Baan Paa Talee Estate which sits on a clifftop and offers all facilities that you could want in a holiday home. Groups travelling together may prefer to book multiple villas in the secure Katamanda Estate from where they can enjoy unparalleled views of Kata Noi Bay and five-star facilities including an estate gym and private pools to name a few.