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Planning to Go Surfing? Types of Hats People Look for in a Surfing Destination

Hawaii is a surfing mecca for the locals and a paradise for others. Hence, it’s imaginable why surfers flock here. And like everyone else, the surfers like to be stylish inside and outside the water. At the same time, they need to protect themselves from the elements. Think of hats, for example. This accessory is not just a cool factor but also a utility item. Earlier, the tribe avoided wearing hats because of discomfort. They also felt it was unnecessary. However, longboarders realized the significance of the hats and made them an integral part of their surfing outfit. Today, even short boarders display hat looks while taming the fiercest waves.

So, if you are a retailer and want to increase your store sales, get wholesale hats that suit surfers. You can add water-resistant and fashionable designs to cater to a broader range of interests. But what types of hats are popular with them? Here you go!

Surf Hats

Although many options are accessible, specific shapes and styles are more attractive, such as snapback caps, bucket hats, trucker hats, etc. Usually, these hats use water-safe materials like nylon, polyester, elastane, cotton, etc. But you can ask your online wholesaler about the fabric used in their products and its efficiency. Seasoned players provide a waterproof finish or coat to the hats so the water splashed from the wave doesn’t sit there. You can also expect vents and drain holes. Thoughtfully crafted designs often include mesh close to the ears for proper ventilation. Their hats can also have adjustable straps for surfers to keep their headgear in place when tackling the waves. Please don’t worry about the choice of colors and sizes. Wholesalers typically offer lots of options.

Why should you expand your inventory for surfers?

As a local, you already know Hawaii’s main attraction for people, i.e. surfing. Tourists from all over the globe visit this destination yearly to have fun with the waters. Modern surfers know the risk of not protecting their skin enough from sunlight. Because they mostly surf from midday to 2 p.m., the chances of developing skin diseases are higher. They can be vulnerable to skin cancer. And this is the truth that tons of surfers face each year. Due to sunburn, they can succumb to melanoma. Hence, wearing a wetsuit and surf hat is an excellent safety gear for them against the dangerous UV rays. Since radiation risks are higher when the sun reflects in the water, they need these to be safe.

Another valid reason for wearing hats during surfing is eye protection. An eye condition called Pterygium or surfer’s eye affects the sclera or white layer of the eye near the nose. This disorder results from UV radiation, and people in their 30s are the most at risk. Even surfers with light skin and eye tones are also threatened by this. They all rely on hats to alleviate the sunlight’s direct impact on the eyes. They surf better in the sun with this protection in place.

Multiple reasons are behind the popularity of hats with surfers. Whether fashion or utility, hats are their basic wardrobe need. You can make your business flourish and their life easy by supplying the proper hats.