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Cornwall has always been on the top of the bucket list for millions of travellers worldwide. No wonder more than 5 million travellers visit Cornwall every year to spend their holidays. The pristine beaches and laid-back rural life never fail to mesmerise anyone who wants to spend some days in the embrace of nature. Though there are numerous accommodation options, Cornwall cottages are popular among travellers for their exquisite aesthetics and top-notch service.

There are numerous travel resources available that can help you find a suitable cottage in Cornwall. Yet, many travellers visiting Cornwall for the first time find it challenging to make the right choice. They make a lot of easily-avoidable mistakes, which affects their cottage experience. Therefore, you must avoid these four common mistakes while booking a holiday cottage in Cornwall.

Not booking from a credible source.

Never make your cottage bookings from random travel agents or agencies. The agency or the cottage curator must have vast experience in curating the best Cornwall cottages from all the options. They should also have a curated collection of different cottage properties in other locations, aesthetics, and budget ranges. Always book your holiday cottage from a trusted curator to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Not checking the location on the map.

It’s essential to check the physical location of the cottage on the map. Though the website might mention the nearest city or town, cottages are mostly away from the hustle-bustle of the city. You might have to take a cab or walk some distance to get to the cottage. Checking the map location will give you a clear idea about how you can reach the place and its accessibility.

Most Cornwall cottages are situated in beautiful locations on the coast or in the countryside, including the banks of the Helford and Fal rivers which are 50 and 18 kilometres long, respectively. The cottage can be located anywhere on this vast shoreline. Some cottages are also located near the various beaches in Cornwall. You can call the cottage manager to verify the location or the nearest landmark. Make sure you check the location before you book the cottage, so you won’t face any difficulty in finding the place.

Judging the place from the photos alone.

Online cottage listings have clear, high-quality pictures of the property. They have photos of interiors, exteriors, and surrounding areas of the cottage. Though images provide an insightful source of information about the place, you shouldn’t decide based on pictures alone. Pictures can be edited to add more aesthetic appeal to the property. On top of that, poor-quality cameras cannot do justice to the place’s natural beauty. That’s why you should consider other factors and never judge the property based only on the pictures.

Not checking the package inclusions.

Before you finalise the booking, make sure you check the package inclusions. Though many tour packages include accommodation, food, and airport pick up and drop, you may not get pool access, local tour, and guide included in the package. If you want to have more amenities added to the package, you might have to pay extra. Discuss the details with the agency or the cottage manager to avoid confusion on your arrival at the cottage.

Though booking a holiday cottage is no rocket science, a small mistake can spoil your entire holiday. You can prevent all of that by avoiding these mistakes and double-checking everything before booking a holiday cottage.