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Private Jet Company Expands to Canada

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Private jet membership company Jet It has announced that it is expanding to the Canadian market following 400% growth over the past year, and more than doubling its HondaJet fleet in 2020.

Greensboro, N.C. based Jet It, which is the largest buyer of HondaJets in North America, began with only 3 employees and one plane in 2018, and has since invested more than $100 million in expanding its fleet. Now, it will address the need for autonomous, efficient regional travel across Canada, from major metros to remote communities.

In response to market demand, Jet It has also expanded their sales and service operations to the West Coast. Along with several new West Coast owners, Jet It has onboarded top aviation sales veteran, Gino Jooyan, as Director of Sales, Western USA. Jooyan will manage and direct the Jet It business development strategy to secure new owners in the Western US.

“Gino is a servant leader with 20+ years of successful business aviation sales experience in the Western US at industry benchmarks FlexJet, Jet Aviation, and Executive Jet Management. He is a perfect fit for our culture, and we are very excited to have him formally introduce Jet It to a market that frequently inquired about our Westward expansion,” says Jet It’s CEO Glenn Gonzales.

Jet It has also launched sales and operations of its innovative business model in Canada. According to Gonzales, “The Canadian market has expressed a high level of demand for Jet It. The need for autonomous, efficient regional travel in Canada is very strong, as it is in the US with Jet It, or for Europeans flying with our sister company JetClub. Our growth in the States has generated awareness in Canada for so many interested in Jet It providing cost-effective private travel.  Whether from Toronto to Montreal, Calgary to Vancouver, or from remote access communities, Jet It can connect you throughout Canada and the US.” 

According to Jooyan, “Jet It has been the best kept secret in private aviation, and I look forward to kicking off 2021 by delivering the ultimate customer experience with a first-class team of extraordinary pilots and operations staff, for customers in the Western US, Canada and beyond!”

For more information on Jet It or Jet It Canada visit, gojetit.com.


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