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Pullman Hotels & Resorts Confirm Its Commitment to Wellbeing With Bootcamp


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With Bootcamp, Pullman is enhancing its commitment to wellbeing and more specifically to its SPORT pillar, a major focus for the brand.

The origins of Bootcamp

Bootcamp is based on U.S. army training. Originally, this technique was designed to strengthen soldiers’ physical and mental capacities. It involves alternating cardio and muscle building exercises, which makes it a very intense and dynamic workout. Today, training camps are very popular with those who want to maintain their physical fitness, while pushing past their limits.

Bootcamp at Pullman

A US Navy and TRX coach, Sarah Hoey has already been including Bootcamp in her fitness routine for several years. This wellbeing discipline was an obvious inspiration for the development of the Pullman Wellness program, and more specifically with regard to the SPORT pillar. This technique enables guests staying in Pullman Hotels to push past their limits and take care of their body, evenwhen traveling.

The Pullman brand has therefore developed, in collaboration with Sarah Hoey, a series of four 7-minute videosavailable to everyone on YouTube. Each video is dedicated to one of the four key fundamentals of the Pullman Wellness program: age defense, energy boost, balance and detox. Guests have the option of viewing the videos in their room as a training aid before performing the exercises either indoors or outdoors. Their workout can be as intensive as they like, and they can choose to train using each video individually or all four consecutively for a complete 30-minute workout.

Pullman has also set up an external fitness trail developed by Sarah Hoey, the Fit Trail, in some of its properties. The Fit Trail offers a minimum of five fitness stations featuring high quality equipment complete with instructions. This fitness trail is very popular with travelers wishing to follow the Bootcamp outdoors as the stations can really help with the exercises. The Fit Trail is currently available to guests at the following cosmopolitan properties: Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna, Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort and Spa, and Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach.


The four pillars of wellness at Pullman

Launched in 2017, the Pullman Wellness program is based on four universal pillars of wellbeing: FOODSPASLEEP and SPORT. Each of the four pillars provides options for customization along four key fundamentals: age defenseenergy boostbalance and detox.

For FOOD, Pullman serves its Active Breakfast, which uses seasonal products and offers dairy, sugar and gluten-free selections to cater to all individual requirements and tastes.

In relation to the SPA, various categories of body and facial treatments are available depending on the time of day: Dawn treatment to wake up gently, daytime treatment to feel invigorated, evening treatment to slow down.

To encourage more restful SLEEP, a short guide to gentle stretching and exercise is provided, including a morning routine enabling the body and muscles to wake up, as well as an evening routine to relieve tension accumulated during the course of the day.

SPORT is addressed through a series of 7-minute videos available on YouTube, enabling guests to perform various Bootcamp, yoga or fitness exercises, either in their room or outdoors. A fitness bag and local jogging map are also provided.

Sarah Hoey, Pullman Wellness Coach

The Pullman Wellness program was developed in collaboration with Sarah Hoey,Wellness Coach for the brand since 2014. A personal coachfitness model and certified nutritionist, Sarah Hoey is also premier fitness influencer in Southern California fitness world. She has professional wins and coaching achievements throughout the world and is passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge. Her holistic take on fitness and love for teaching make her the perfect candidate to represent wellbeing according to Pullman.

The Pullman Wellness program has been designed to help travelers adopt a healthier lifestyle. The Pullman clientele belong to a generation of “global nomads”. Hyper-connected entrepreneurs and explorers, their life is a permanent quest for balancing productivity with personal wellbeing. The Pullman Wellness program provides an increasingly targeted response to their requirements under Sarah Hoey’s professional guidance.

“The traveler’s mentality has evolved. Generation Y wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and feel better. We believe that we have a role to play in contributing to a generation of more fulfilled travelers”, explains Sarah Hoey.


By December 2018, Bootcamp will have been trialed across twelve destinations globally, including the vibrant places equipped with the Fit Trail: Italy, Morocco and Thailand.

“We are proud to continue to develop the Bootcamp in new destinations, as well as in new properties around the world. This reflects the brand’s commitment to the SPORT pillar and more broadly to the Pullman Wellness program, said Aldina Duarte Ramos, Director of Wellbeing, Pullman Hotels & Resorts.

Building on this success, Bootcamp will be expanded more extensively around the world from 2019, notably at Pullman Paris Centre-Bercy, Pullman Luang Prabang, and Pullman The Park Lane Hong Kong.


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