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Reasons to Visit Tenerife, Spain

A Beach for Every Moment

  • Tenerife‘s shores are a tapestry of contrasts, from the wild expanse of El Bollullo’s black sands in the north, where the rhythm of the waves creates a natural symphony, to the tranquility of Benijo Beach, framed by the majestic Roques de Anaga, providing the ideal setting for stunning sunsets and authentic Canarian cuisine.
  • Playa del Duque in Costa Adeje offers a blend of gray and golden sands, embraced by upscale dining and shopping.
  • Meanwhile, Puerto de la Cruz boasts Playa Jardín, where black volcanic sands meet the artistry of renowned architect Cesar Manrique in a lush landscape. Families seeking golden sands and gentle waves will find solace at Las Teresitas, while El Médano Beach, a haven for wind water sports enthusiasts, exudes a sporty yet laid-back vibe.

Nature’s Own Retreats

  • Tenerife’s natural swimming pools offer a unique way to connect with the ocean in a sheltered embrace.
  • The Paseo La Jaquita Natural Swimming Pools present a serene swim near Los Gigantes cliffs, with La Gomera’s silhouette painting a horizon vista.
  • The Bajamar Natural Swimming Pools offer refreshing freshwater baths nestled by the ocean, accompanied by the iconic charm of a nearby lighthouse. El Pris Natural Swimming Pool merges seamlessly with the open sea during high tide, granting an idyllic aquatic escape. These pools are perfect for indulging in the island’s fresh catch.

Lush Lagoons and Tranquil Waters

  • Volcanic rock formations meet lush waters in Tenerife’s natural lagoons, creating safe and captivating swimming spaces. Explore El Caletón in Garachico, a surreal collection of lagoons born from volcanic eruptions, offering a family-friendly paradise.
  • At Charco Los Chochos in Los Silos one can snorkel and swim amidst stunning surroundings, while Charco De La Laja in San Juan de la Rambla transforms into a peaceful haven during low tide. El Charco de Don Gabino in Los Silos features clear waters and ample space for relaxation. Don’t miss El Charco del Viento in La Guancha, a hidden gem amidst banana plantations, with crystal-clear waters and awe-inspiring Teide views.

Embark on a journey of coastal discovery, from the north to the south, to unveil Tenerife’s aquatic treasures. With a range of options that cater to every moment and preference, travelers will find it hard to choose just one. Let Tenerife’s enchanting beaches, pools, and lagoons become a personal oasis for unforgettable memories.