Samsara Luggage expands its lineup with the Tag Smart collection

Samsara Luggage maker of innovative travel products meets travelers in the Apple ecosystem with the launch of the Tag Smart Collection by Samsara. Tag Smart combines with the Apple AirTag so travelers can now track their suitcase using the Find My app on their iPhone. Using a Bluetooth signal, the iPhone maps your Samsara location with precision and ease for a more effortless travel experience. The Tag Smart Device is included in the suitcase and designed to deliver on functionality and technology that is easy to navigate. Tag Smart is specially made for the AirTag with an interior compartment that secures the device from the inside. The suitcase’s aluminum frame and TSA-approved combination locks keep the AirTag protected from any outside tampering. Samsara gave its iconic design an upgrade with the 23″ Carry-on Grand, the maximum size allowed for US domestic travelers.

Samsara welcomes the new collection with a brand campaign that will get the digital world hyped for Tag Smart. Our upbeat new campaign videos call on travelers to find what it is they’re looking for – Find My Flow, Find My Jam, or Find My Set – freedom they can experience now that Tag Smart can find their luggage. NFT Brand Ambassador Sam made her first journey, outside of the Desperate ApeWives collection on the metaverse, to join the photoshoot that showcased the Tag Smart collection in action. The Tag Smart collection will make its debut on Instagram and all of Samsara’s social channels starting today.

“We’re hoping that Tag Smart is the hottest trend of the summer,” says Atara Dzikowski, Co-founder and CEO of Samsara Luggage. “Our goal has always been to help our customers improve their travel experience by introducing functional travel products that reduce common travel setbacks. We are thrilled to be adding this model to address the leading and most expensive pain point for travelers: lost luggage! We are proud of this launch and can’t wait to see Tag Smart on the road, in the air, and tagged on social.”

The Tag Smart Collection will be offered in an array of on-brand colors that will compliment sunny skies, arctic backdrops, and urban landscapes. In durable polycarbonate, the suitcase will be available in Samsara Yellow, Arctic White and City Black. Those wanting a more elevated look can select from either Silver or Matte Black in the aviation-grade aluminum line. Samsara launches the 23″ Carry-on Grand today and plans to expand to the 21″ Carry-on for international travelers and the Checked bag for the long-haul destinations.

Tag Smart device is included with the purchase of a Carry-on suitcase. The Apple AirTag is customized with Samsara’s logo on one side and the Apple logo on the other. AirTag compartment has a transparent window to allow travelers to showcase the brand logo of their choice.