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Destination I Do: How Sensira Resort in Riviera Maya is Redefining Beachside Weddings

As we approach the holiday season, couples are getting engaged and looking for unique and convenient wedding venues to celebrate their special day. I want to introduce you to Sensira Resort & Spa’s wedding offers. Sensira is in Riviera Maya, which is only about a 3-hour direct flight from cities in the United States. Destination weddings are becoming increasingly attractive due to the offers of all-inclusive hotels and the additional pampering amenities that brides can obtain for their weddings. At the same time, families are ​​combining the wedding trip with a restful vacation, encouraging more guests to travel to incredible beach destinations. Sensira Resort & Spa shared that it is increasingly more common to see couples arrive a few days before with their bridal party before all other guests arrive. The hotel also sees newlyweds and guests book longer stays after the wedding.

Riviera Maya has become a popular beach destination for Americans looking to experience a quieter and more secluded getaway. Nestled along the coastline, Sensira Resort & Spa stands out as the epitome of tranquility and romance, boasting chic wedding venue setups on the beach or with an ocean view front. With six breathtaking event venues, including expansive ballrooms and beachfront locations capable of hosting up to 600 guests, the options are as diverse as your imagination. Two of the most unique setups for the resort’s wedding offerings is their wedding on the water and overlooking the jungle. Sensira sets up floorboards over one of their pools with views of the crystal beach so that your wedding ceremony appears as though it is taking place in the middle of the ocean. The resort also sets up wedding ceremonies on its incredible high-rise all-glass terrace with panoramic sea and jungle views. These are popular options as the sun perfectly lights the beach, and the sunset is perfectly captured, sinking into the jungle.

To enhance the bridal experience, Sensira offers a dedicated bridal suite within the spa area, allowing the bride to prepare for her special day while surrounded by loved ones. The resort provides a range of wedding packages tailored to meet guests’ varying expectations, including the Pearl Package for smaller groups of up to 10 people and the Ivory Package for events of up to 30 people. The resort offers five packages, one of which can be fully customized to accommodate up to 600 guests, ensuring every couple’s unique needs are met. With a team of specialized wedding coordinators as part of the Sensira Love team, the resort’s all-inclusive packages can be customized to address specific requirements, covering everything from the reception dinner, wedding rehearsal, venue and décor to catering, entertainment, and guest accommodations. Sensira Resort & Spa aims to make every wedding a personal and unforgettable experience.     

To see in detail Sensira’s Wedding packages, visit https://www.sensiraresorts.com/events/weddings