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Shizuoka unveils Japan’s first helicopter hiking tour

Discover the majestic Japan Southern Alps National Park and Mount Fuji from the Sky!

Shizuoka is proud to announce the launch of Japan’s first helicopter hiking tour to the Japan Southern Alps National Park, offering an exclusive adventure into the breathtaking Japan Southern Alps and the iconic Mount Fuji. This unique tour provides a rare opportunity to explore the pristine landscapes of Japan’s Southern Alps, typically inaccessible to the public, in unparalleled comfort and style.

The 3-night 4-day adventure begins at Shizuoka Station, a mere 60 minutes from Tokyo by bullet train, where guests will meet the tour staff before embarking on their first excursion to Nihondaira Yume Terrace. On clear days, the magnificent Mount Fuji can be admired from the vantage point. After a relaxing night at the luxurious Nippondaira Hotel, the highlight of the tour kicks off with a departure from the heliport located on the grounds of Nippondaira Hotel. Within just 20 minutes, guests will be transported to the summit area of Mount Ogochidake, situated at an elevation of 2,802 meters, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Japan Southern Alps National Park.

After descending by helicopter to an elevation of around 1,000 meters, guests will be taken to the Sawarajima Lodge Photo Gallery, where they can marvel at captivating images showcasing the splendor of the Japan Southern Alps in all four seasons and enjoy a delicious lunch.

The adventure continues with a tour of the Ikawa Distillery, a rare gem nestled in the national park, where participants can witness the craftsmanship behind the production of whisky made from the pristine waters of the Japanese Southern Alps. As the most remote distillery in Japan, it is not typically open to the public, but this tour’s participants are offered a special visit.

After a restful night following a great first full day of activities, travelers will start the day with a one-hour car ride to Senmai-goya Hut, usually only accessible by foot, a private car will take guests as far as 2,500 meters, after which they will be prepared to ascent to the summit of 2,880-meter Mount Senmaidake, accompanied by an English-speaking mountain guide. At the summit, hikers will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Japan Southern Alps, along with views of Mount Fuji. Once descended, they will be treated to a well-deserved trip to the rejuvenating Sumatakyo Onsen Hot Spring.

The final day concludes with a stroll in Sumatakyo, visiting the Bridge of Dreams Suspension Bridge, renowned as one of the “10 Pedestrian Suspension Bridges You Must Cross Before You Die” by TripAdvisor. After lunch, guests will be escorted by taxi to Shizuoka Station, to make their arrangements.